Olivia Plath Posts About Not 'Excusing Abusive Behaviors' After Welcome to Plathville Finale

The season 2 finale of the TLC reality series saw Olivia's husband Ethan Plath confront his parents after rising tensions between them

Olivia Plath
Olivia Plath. Photo: Janelle Putrich Photography

Olivia Plath is touting the importance of healthy boundaries.

After the dramatic Welcome to Plathville season 2 finale — which saw her husband Ethan Plath confront his parents, Kim and Barry Plath, about how they treated his wife, prompting a near-fistfight with his father — Olivia posted a series of empowering and uplifting messages which addressed boundaries, standing up for one's self and not "excusing abusive behaviors."

In a series of Instagram Story posts on Wednesday, Olivia, 22, shared a post from account DLC Anxiety, an anxiety support community, that listed "8 sentences I wish I read sooner."

"These hard times, this pain, these lessons — one day they'll be your strength, your awareness, your blessings," read the first quote, from Steven Bartlett.

"Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves," read the second one, which was followed by: "You'll never look good trying to make someone look bad."

"Save your explanations for those that are determined to understand you — give your silence to those that are determined to misunderstand you," read the fourth. And the fifth: "Your life is too short to be unhappy 5 days a week in exchange for 2 days of freedom."

The seventh sentence was about taking a stand and protecting boundaries: "Anything you lose when you stand up for yourself, protect your boundaries and begin to grow, was not meant to stay."

It was followed by, "Don't be upset about disrespect from people you don't respect," and "If you are easily provoked you are easily controlled — restraint is a superpower."

Finally, she concluded with a post — from account The Black Sheep Survives — that encouraged people to "stop excusing abusive behaviors/downplaying it."

"This is part of why people don't speak up. They get unnecessary feedback from [people] filled with minimizing their experiences. How can people process or let things go they can't even talk about in the first place?"

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath2
Ethan and Olivia Plath. Olivia Plath/ instagram

On Tuesday night's episode, viewers watched Ethan and Olivia, both 22, drive over to Kim and Barry's house, where Ethan said goodbye to his youngest siblings after he and his father almost got into a physical altercation.

The conservative Plath family was at odds throughout the season and split into three households — Ethan and Olivia; Micah, 18, and Moriah, 19; and Kim and Barry with their youngest children (Lydia, 16, Isaac, 14, Amber, 11, Cassia, 9, and Mercy, 7).

Previously, Ethan revealed on the show that he and Olivia, who celebrated their two-year anniversary in October, "needed space as a couple, so we decided that that meant no contact with my parents," which he initiated after he and his wife were no longer allowed to see his siblings.

Unfortunately, although Ethan was hoping for a different outcome, the conversation on Tuesday's episode ended with Barry and his oldest son nearly coming to blows.

After he made his "statement" to his parents, he asked to say goodbye to his brothers and sisters — and requested that Olivia join him.

Telling the family matriarch and patriarch that Olivia was in the car, he said he would take the younger kids over to her — but Kim wondered why Olivia couldn't come to the house instead. Barry also suggested that Ethan have his wife come over to say goodbye.

plathville finale
Ethan Plath with parents Barry and Kim. TLC

Following a back-and-forth with his parents, Ethan acknowledged how "unfortunate" it was that Olivia wouldn't be able to say goodbye, which prompted Barry to say, "Let's go say hi to Olivia."

As Barry began to walk swiftly towards the car, Ethan grabbed his father's arms. "You are not going to walk over to my wife. Do you understand?" Ethan warned, pointing his finger.

His dad relented and the tense moment came to an end. "No problem," he said.

plathville finale
Ethan and Barry Plath. TLC

Speaking with PEOPLE at the end of December, Olivia said that she and Ethan were "still on a no-contact basis with his parents."

Since Ethan decided to stop speaking with his parents, Olivia said that Kim and Barry have not attempted to reach out.

"When Ethan went no-contact, his parents basically said, ‘Alright, we’re totally fine with that’ and haven’t made any effort to reconcile," she said.

On Tuesday's episode, the Plath parents expressed sadness over the situation.

"I look at Ethan and I do feel really hurt that I'm his adversary," Barry, who was Ethan's best man, said in a confessional. "And that just really is so bizarre and hurtful."

Said Kim: "I'm baffled, to be honest. I know there's things that they don't like about us, but I mean, it's crazy to me how it's gotten to this point. I think it'll take a miracle to bring the two sides together."

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