'OITNB' 's Taryn Manning Says 'Not One Cast Member Cares About Me': 'This Show Hurt Me So Bad'

Taryn Manning missed the premiere of season 7 of Orange Is the New Black earlier this week

One day after the final season of Orange Is the New Black hit Netflix, actress Taryn Manning seemingly spoke out against the show on social media.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday, which has since been deleted, Manning, 40, wrote that the "show hurt me more than anything has in my life" and said that "not one cast member cares about me."

The beginning of the actress' caption addressed a myriad of topics, from human trafficking to racism, before explaining that her "life was stolen from a criminal who's mentally ILL," adding, "No one cares to help so I am dedicated to learning how to make a difference."

Though she did not name OITNB, she seemingly made mention of the Netflix series.

"This show hurt me more than anything has in my life and if this is what I have to do to push what I stand for I will," Manning continued. "I have to speak out before anything happens to me. F— fame! This show hurt humans. You will never truly know but many were hurt!"

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The actress added: "I do not need to ever work again in this town. I've been dropped by everyone for having a backbone. I was dropped because a person terrorizes me daily and them too. So my team, they just turn away. Like a car accident. Rubber neck but don't help. F— show biz. A disgrace."

Manning ended her caption by writing, "Not one cast member cares about me. Just watch."

However, her OITNB costar Lori Petty commented on her post, writing alongside three heart emojis, "Hey. I love you."

"Thx bubs I know you do," Manning responded. "And I love you. I am giving up everything to speak on how awful this career is and how awful we are treated. How I never knew if I was coming back yet I had seven optional seasons. How I didn't even know how to plan my life, organize anything cause everything was a secret. Self serving bulls—, for whatever sick agenda. How some of the most dear characters were just not there anymore. My pals. F— this show. This show hurt me so bad."

Manning went on to share another brief post on Sunday, claiming that her Instagram account had been hacked.

"My account was so epically hacked. I am back in and I am sorry," she wrote alongside a shot of herself and OITNB costar Uzo Aduba.

As of Sunday morning, the actress' previous post had been deleted.

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Saturday's post comes after another lengthy since-deleted post shared earlier this week, where Manning explained why she missed the Orange Is the New Black red carpet for the Netflix show's seventh and final season on Thursday.

Manning said she has become "paralyzed" with fear after being "terrorized by cyber criminals."

"I love you all so much. Have a great premier [sic] tonight. I love this photo. I miss you all so much ❤️ I wish I could be there. Unfortunate uncontrollable circumstances that no one could help with have made it this way," she wrote alongside a photo from the set of Orange Is the New Black. "When someone is crying for help from someone who is after your life and soul. Please listen. No one deserves to have another person single handedly ruin their life to the point they are paralyzed and never leave in fear."

The actress said despite multiple attempts to get help, her cries went unheard by those around her.

"I tried to tell everyone," she wrote. "No one cared."

"This is for anyone who feels alone, terrorized by cyber criminals, cyber bullying, criminals with the intent to cause others distress and isolate them from life, for people who have lost everything due to another humans mental illness and smear campaigns," Manning continued. "This is for you too so you don't feel so alone. It even happens to people who seemingly have the resources to stop it too."

After a friend reached out to Manning in the comments section, the actress assured her followers that she is "not suicidal."

"I will call you when I feel like I can talk. I am not Suicidal," she wrote. "I am disappointed and heartbroken how little people care for other humans."

A rep for Manning did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

The actress has starred as inmate Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett since season 1 of Orange Is the New Black.

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