Official 'Joe vs Carole' Trailer Explores the Two 'Tiger King' Stars' Intense Rivalry — Watch

Joe vs. Carole premieres on March 3 on Peacock

Tiger King's Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin will stop at nothing to take each other down in Peacock's upcoming series, Joe vs. Carole.

Peacock unveiled the first official trailer for Joe vs. Carole on Thursday, in which Kate McKinnon's Carole says she's "coming" for the "psychopath" who wants her dead.

The limited series, based on host Robert Moor's Joe Exotic podcast, will follow Carole Baskin's feud with fellow big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic (played by John Cameron Mitchell). Carole seeks to stop Joe from using his big cats for profit, but Joe aims to expose Carole's own hypocrisy.

"If you got any dirt on this woman, I want to hear about it," says Joe in the new trailer.

At one point, Joe suggests: "Someone's got to kill that b----."

Joe even tells a hitman he has a "job" for them, leading Carole's husband Howard Baskin (Kyle MacLachlan) to seek the best gun to "stop a hitman in his tracks."

"It's war," Carole concludes.

Brian Van Holt, Sam Keeley, Nat Wolff, Marlo Kelly, William Fichtner, Dean Winters and David Wenham also star in the anticipated series.

Kate McKinnon
Mark Taylor/Peacock

Joe and Carole's feud was previously explored on Netflix's Tiger King, which premiered in 2020. The popular series exploring the underground world of big cat breeding.

When Tiger King returned for its second season in November, it particularly examined Joe's own narrative as he remains behind bars.

Joe has been in prison since January 2020 after he was convicted of trying to hire two different men to kill Carole. On Friday, he was resentenced to 21 years because of the murder-for-hire charge. The resentencing is one year shorter than his previous 22-year sentence.

Mark Taylor/Peacock

According to the Associated Press, Carole said in court Friday that Joe "continues to harbor intense feelings of ill will" toward her. But Joe pleaded for the judge to not let him "die in prison waiting for a chance to be free."

Joe vs. Carole premieres on March 3 on Peacock.

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