'Reign' 's Caitlin Stasey Urges Women to 'Reclaim Our Bodies' on Nude Feminist Website

The star called the site "a chance to witness the female form in all its honesty"

Photo: Jennifer Toole

With the new website Herself, Reign star Caitlin Stasey is putting women’s naked truth in the spotlight.

Stasey, 24, is among nine women participating in the feminist project, which she calls “a gesture to women for women by women; a chance to witness the female form in all its honesty without the burden of the male gaze, without the burden of appealing to anyone.”

Nude portraits accompany interviews on topics including sexuality, women’s rights and abortion. And the Australian actress holds nothing back in her own interview.

“I’ve known I was mostly gay ever since I can remember,” says the CW star. “I know it troubles many people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner [in actor Lucas Neff]. Compartmentalizing myself only leads to condemnation and contradiction. I’m happier being fluid and I’m happier being honest.”

She says her goal for the site is encourage women to “reclaim our bodies” and open the dialogue for women’s issues.

“Women – Love each other, support each other, defend each other,” she says. “It comes at a greater cost to you to attack the women around you than it does to empower them.”

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