The couple may have married in April 2015, but the honeymoon is far from over!

By Grace Gavilanes
May 16, 2016 05:30 PM

Ian Somerhalder and his wife Nikki Reed have been married a little more than a year – and are still as in love as ever, regularly posting couple pics with awww-inspiring captions.

Let them teach you how it’s done.

Nothing quite trumps a sun-kissed tan – and a real kiss from bae.

The ocean makes for one killer selfie backdrop.

Lifting light weights while walking is an easy way to jump-start that New Year’s resolution you made back in January. Hey, better late than never!

Because the world doesn’t revolve around just you and bae. Bonus: Chillin’ with your loved ones makes for one double-tap-worthy pic. Just don’t be bummed if your pooch steals the spotlight. (Because it will happen.)

It also helps if you and your S.O. share common interests. On top of being big-time animal activists, both actors have also dabbled in teaching – having recently met with college students to discuss progressive marketing.

The couple is known to dedicate their social media posts to each other, adorably captioning their pics together like this gem Reed simply posted with the caption: “Me and my human.”

Because exploring new sights with your BFF is the best feeling in the world.

“Hugs can have a really beautiful effect,” the actress, 27, captioned a photo of the pair. “I met a little girl at the airport today, and we spoke about the importance of talking, hugging, engaging, connecting. Not living in your phone Remembering how to be human. Together.”

Somerhalder, 37, was quick to gift his wife a cupcake topped with a candle in honor of her birthday, while taking the time out to reflect on the impact she’s left on his life so far: “I’m in awe of your compassion to create positive change in the world,” he wrote on Instagram.

You know your fur babies (or “little tiny baby nuggets,” according to Somerhalder) are jealous of your relationship.

“Don’t mind us, we’re here for the wine.”