Total Bellas season 2 premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

WWE twins Nikki and Brie Bella are busy ladies these days: In addition to opening up their new clothing store, Birdie Bee, and releasing their own wine, the stars are gearing up for the return of their hit reality show.

PEOPLE Now caught up with the 33-year-old sisters ahead of Wednesday’s season 2 premiere of Total Bellas on E!, and they teased that fans have plenty to look forward to.

“You also see a lot of the Bella family — you look more into the relationships,” Brie revealed.

“You know, my brother JJ and [his wife] Lauren, they had a really hard time having a baby. Everyone thinks it does bring you closer, and it happened to Bryan and I, but it doesn’t happen for everyone else,” added the star, who welcomed daughter Birdie Joe with her husband and WWE SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan on May 9.

“It gets really hard,” she added. “And I think it’s because JJ is as needy as us, so he wanted all the attention, and Lauren is like, ‘Um, I have a newborn, sorry all the attention isn’t on you.’ ”

Brie said their mother struggles this season as well.

“My mom opens up about how hard it was to have three kids by 21,” she said. “She kind of had a breakdown, and it was kind of hard on us because it was a lot of feelings we didn’t realize. She’s 52 years old, and I think she always just tries to be the glue in our family and keep everyone together.”

“In the Bella family, when it rains it pours, and it definitely poured this season — but in a very happy way, too,” Nikki added. “I think anyone who sits on the couch — it doesn’t matter [if you’re] male, female, or whatever age you are — there’s going to be someone that you’re going to relate to in the Bella family with what’s going on with their life. And that’s what I really like about this season, because everyone is going to get the opportunity to be like, ‘Woah, I’m not alone, and this is how they overcame it.’ ”

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And of course, we had to ask the ladies about how their significant others handle their ultra tight-knight bond.

“Our guys are just like: ‘You guys are ridiculous,’ ” confessed Nikki, who is set to tie the knot with fiancé John Cena, also a famous wrestler. “Because we FaceTime each other when we’re away on the daily — so many times a day!”

“I think as girls, it’s about venting to each other,” explained Brie. “I’ll go to my husband and I’m like, ‘You won’t even believe this.’ And he’s like, ‘Brie, that’s so petty.’ And then I’m like, ‘Nicole, you won’t believe this’ … and then we’ll talk for an hour about it.”

“They want to fix things,” Nikki said. “So when you vent, they’re like, ‘Do I need to fix something? How can I help you?’ And I’m like, ‘Just listen!’ ”

Total Bellas season 2 premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on E!