Nikki Bella Wants to Move to L.A. After Her John Cena Breakup — But Her Family Doesn't Approve

On the Total Bellas season premiere, Nikki Bella admits that San Diego reminds her of her ex John Cena

After ending her engagement to John Cena for good, Nikki Bella is ready for a fresh start.

In a sneak peek at Sunday’s season 4 premiere of Total Bellas, Brie Bella reveals to her husband, fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan, that her twin sister is considering leaving San Diego.

“Did I tell you that Nicole might be moving to L.A.?” she says.

“What? Why?” he asks.

“I just think Nicole is at a different point in her life right now,” Brie says. “And she’s single. She wants to be free and I feel like she wants to go back to her 20s. I have no idea.”

“I am confused and maybe a little bothered,” Bryan admits. “Because why are we here? There’s no point in us being here. We moved here to make life easier for her.”

“Of course Nicole is moving to L.A.” he says later. “I mean, why would she do anything else? Who cares about our lives and how we moved here for her?”

In a previously released sneak peek, Nikki, 35, revealed she was thinking of relocating because San Diego “reminds me of my ex.”

“I really love the energy of Los Angeles. It just has this hustle vibe and I have to go there every week for work,” she said. “It has this single life, very Sex and the City, like New York. So not only am I craving it, but I feel like I need it in my life.”

“Don’t you think a time like this is when you really need your family and your friends? And they’re all in San Diego,” Brie pointed out.

“Yeah, and I have you guys right now, but I do work a lot. I just feel like I could be the most productive,” Nikki said. “I’m doing [the drive] every week and I’m getting exhausted of it. And I’ll show you, because you’re going to come look at houses next week.”

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When Brie refused, Nikki started pleading.

“You’re going to make me go by myself?” she asked. “Please. I have no one else.”

“And that’s exactly what L.A. will be like: no one else,” Brie replied.

Total Bellas premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

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