The producers of Sharknado are turning adorable pooches into bloodthirsty hounds

Updated September 29, 2015 05:30 PM

Kelly Rutherford and Jill Zarin are ready to go wild.

The stars are testing out their horror chops in the trailer for Night of the Wild, which sees adorable dogs become crazy killers after a meteor hits a small town … because why not?

The SyFy film comes from Asylum, the producers behind Sharknado, so they know a thing or two about campy animal attack movies.

Rutehrford plays a loving mother, who warns her young daughter to be careful around an adorable cage of puppies. After all, they have “sharp little teeth.” Things go from bad to worse, as she and her family attempt to find each other while fighting the killer dogs.

In the trailer, Zarin’s character brings her pooch to a cafe, and her beloved pet uncharacteristically bites a friend. Zarin responds with typical Real Housewives combativeness when her dog is accused of the biting: “What do you mean, she bit you?”

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The Vampire Diaries star Tristin Mays is at the center of the action, with her character taking a knife and stabbing one of the killer hounds to death in the trailer.

Night of the Wild premieres Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on SyFy.