Exes spend an evening together in attempts to resolve their issues — and things get crazy

By joellegoldsteintimeinc
July 18, 2017 03:00 PM

Having an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend means keeping it in the past, right?

Not so on A Night with My Ex, Bravo’s new reality show featuring past flames brought together either to be rekindled or exploded.

In the 10-episode docu-series, former couples are brought together (with no producers and no interruptions) for one night in a bedroom apartment in hopes of finding closure. But the chance to resolve longstanding issues is just one outcome. Add in some major confessions, apologies and spontaneous hook ups, and, well, there’s really no way of knowing what to expect.

First up to address their problems? Fabian and Rachel.

The former couple ended things when Rachel, who has vowed to save her virginity for marriage, discovered Fabian was cheating on her with the “sexy Tinkerbell” he met at a party. And while Rachel does admit to being unfair to him in “the sex department,” it’s clear the two have some major struggles when it comes to compromise.

Mid-apology, Fabian interrupts Rachel and asks her to stop scratching her fork on her plate because the noise is “f— annoying.” Despite this having absolutely nothing to do with their relationship, the two blow up at each other, with Rachel declaring, “I’m gonna do whatever the f— I want. That was your problem; it’s always what Fabian wants.”

The argument ends with Rachel walking up the stairs as an incoherent mess, leaving behind a dumbfounded Fabian who yells his not-so-sincere apology to her. Seems promising for the two, right?

At another point in the evening, Fabian reveals a softer side and opens up to Rachel about his feelings.

“You used to be my best friend and I miss that,” he confesses. “I haven’t found a best friend like that and I don’t think I ever will.”

But just as quickly as it came, Fabian’s gentleness leaves. Rachel demands answers about the infidelity, and her ex’s response is not exactly eloquent.

“It was lust, it was stupid, it was selfish,” Fabian explains. “In the moment, I was horny. It was time to get laid.”

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Safe to say Rachel does not take that one lightly.

“Why did you keep me around? I wasn’t f—ing you,” Rachel argues back. “You just liked having your cuddle buddy? You liked the validation?”

Cue the awkward silence.

A Night with My Ex premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.