Paris Hilton's Birthday Message to Nicole Richie Will Make You Yearn for 'The Simple Life'

Lionel Richie also posted an adorable Instagram wishing his "Ballerina Girl" a happy birthday

Photo: Courtesy Paris Hilton

Throwback Monday?

Nicole Richie turned 34 on Monday. So in honor of the milestone, Richie’s longtime friend Paris Hilton moved Throwback Thursday up a few days, uploading old photos of herself and Richie as children to Instagram.

“Happy Birthday @NicoleRichie! So many special memories since we were little girls! Sending you lots of love, happiness & birthday wishes! Love always Paris,” Hilton wrote alongside the photo (fittingly, she included birthday cake and twin emojis)

The Candidly Nicole star also received birthday wishes from her biggest cheerleader: her father, Lionel Richie.

” all grown up ! I’m so proud of you Happy Birthday “My Ballerina Girl” @nicolerichie,” the singer captioned a heartwarming photo of himself kissing his daughter on the cheek.

Lionel has supported his daughter through thick and thin. And Hilton, though sometimes estranged from Richie, has remained a staple in the star’s life.

The two socialites have been close since birth and even starred together in The Simple Life in the early 2000s.

Although they’ve had their feuds over the years, Hilton’s Instagram suggests the friendship has stood the test of time.

Earlier this year, Hilton posted an adorable throwback photo to Instagram of herself and Richie in their younger days, wearing fairy costumes and smiling for the cameras.

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