Nicole Rémy Has Romantic Kiss on The Courtship: 'Definitely Feeling the Chemistry'

Nicole Rémy reached a new milestone in her relationship with suitor Mr. Hunter, who received a kiss on The Courtship, NBC's new Regency-era dating show

The Courtship is heating up!

NBC's new dating show, which follows bachelorette Nicole Rémy as she seeks to find love in the Regency era, is getting serious with its very first on-screen kiss.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode, Rémy forms a special connection with one of her suitors, Mr. Hunter — who is among the first to get a kiss.

"Mr. Hunter, he's an attractive guy, like I'm definitely feeling the chemistry. So good job, mom and dad," Rémy says at the start of the clip.

On The Courtship, the men have to impress both Rémy and her court, which includes her father, Claude, her mother, Claire, her sister, Danie, and her best friend, Tessa. Lucky for Mr. Hunter, he seems to have passed the test with flying colors.

Mr. Hunter Gets The First Kiss | The Courtship

The clip transitions from Rémy's confessional to a date between her and Mr. Hunter. While sitting beside him on a couch and leaning into his chest, she asks him, "Do you feel like you're ready to settle in one place or do you still feel like you have that travel bug?"

Mr. Hunter replies, "At some point, I got tired of constantly traveling, and I also realized that something was missing because I was doing all these things basically by myself, and I realized that all these experiences would be extraordinary if I just had someone there with me."

After Rémy smiles up at him, Mr. Hunter leans in for a kiss. Meanwhile, the remaining suitors are wondering what he and Rémy are up to.

Mr. Hunter Gets The First Kiss | The Courtship

The group of men, who are playing chess and pool in another room, chat about Mr. Hunter while he's on his date with Rémy.

One asks, "Do do you think Mr. Hunter is the type of guy to make a first move?," before adding, "Maybe he got the first kiss. I know no one here got a kiss yet."

Another added, "I honestly would be shocked if Danny [Mr. Hunter] gets the first kiss."

Mr. Hunter Gets The First Kiss | The Courtship

Rémy opened to PEOPLE about her time filming the show earlier this month, admitting it was unlike her previous dating experiences.

"It was different because we don't normally get courted in everyday life. I'm not used to guys meeting my parents on a first date. I'm not used to going on a boat ride or a carriage ride for a date or doing archery," she said. "I'm used to going in a bar, grabbing a drink and going out after, you know what I mean?"

Mr. Hunter Gets The First Kiss | The Courtship

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She added, "This is so different and because it's so different, I felt like I was happy about it, but at the same time, I was like, 'Am I really going to find a connection?' "

Thankfully, without the distractions of modern-day life, Rémy found her "connections were deeper" with her suitors, which she said was "beautiful."

"I didn't have social media. I didn't have my phone. I didn't have electronics. I really was able to just be open to finding love in a way that felt more pure and simple and without distraction and without having to worry about my job at the time," she explained. "Everything about it was setting me up for success."

The Courtship airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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