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December 05, 2007 12:00 AM
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

This week’s episode featured a pizzeria challenge and some of the most amazing transformations in Biggest Loser history, including Erik Chopin’s mind-boggling 214-lb. drop! Matching the intensity of Chopin’s game was the Blue Team’s Neil, who lost 10 lbs. at the weigh-in. While Neil was spared from elimination despite another weak reward challenge, fellow Blue Teamer Nicole Michalik was not. The single 27-year-old receptionist from Philadelphia is now 188 lbs., from a starting weight of 279 lbs.! PEOPLE spoke to Nicole about that nasty diving accident, returning home and going below 200. –Cynthia WangYou chipped your teeth after a diving accident on the show. How are your teeth now?They had to FedEx my teeth from California to Philly and then a dentist here had to put them in, so I spent almost a month with temporary teeth. They didn’t show it on the show last night, but when Bob first came in to wake us up, I didn’t have my teeth in and Neil sleeps with a sleep apnea mask. Bob’s like, “Jesus Christ! The two of you are like an old married couple. You fight all the time, he sleeps with a mask, you have missing teeth, you sleep in twin beds on the opposite sides of the room, you both walk like you are 80 and all you do is bicker with each other!”

Did the pizzeria challenge get you prepared for life back home?Yeah. When I got back home, I would set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning, work out for an hour, go to work and then work out for two hours at night. During the day I am a receptionist at my awesome company. They have been so supportive of the whole experience. I am also a radio DJ on the weekend, so that’s about going to the gym before and after. So many don’t think they can do it but listen, I work two jobs and I can do it. It’s definitely possible.

You left the Ranch at 211. How did it feel at home when you went below 200 lbs.?It was probably a month after I got home. I remember I got on that scale and saw 199. I grabbed my digital camera and I took a picture of it. I don’t remember being less than 200 lbs. I am sure when I was in 4th or 6th grade I was, but I never weighed myself then. Now that I am in the one hundreds, it makes me feel incredible.

Your attitude toward food has changed, too.Believe me, I wanted French fries and pizza, but I then would think back to April and what I was when I started and where I am now and thought, “Is it worth it?” After the finale, I will definitely enjoy a slice of pizza! But until then, I will eat my broccoli. ‘Mmm! This broccoli tastes just like French fries. I love broccoli!’

What are the biggest changes in your life now?Before I would walk into a bar and say, “I am the fattest person here.” I love being social and I love to dance and having a good time, but my weight was so encompassing for me that I couldn’t enjoy it. But I feel after the show, my social life will completely take off.

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC