The 21-year-old actress and activist flew to Texas on Election Day after her absentee ballot never arrived

By Sophie T. Stern
November 07, 2018 04:13 PM
Credit: Nicole Maines/Twitter

Nothing was going to stop Nicole Maines from voting Tuesday — even if it meant taking a six-hour international flight.

The 21-year-old actress and activist, who is currently filming Season 4 of Supergirl in Vancouver, flew to Texas on Election Day because her absentee ballot never arrived.

Maines tweeted Friday, “Just booked a flight back to the states to #vote in person because my absentee ballot is.. somewhere? I am NOT a happy camper.”

Then, Maines’ flight was delayed.

But she made it just in time, tweeting, “Landed and still have an hour and a half before polls close. WE VOTING, KIDS”

Never one to back down from a fight, Maines reassured followers, “Doors closed but I’m inside now they ain’t getting rid of me I’m gonna vote.”

“Well, it took 14 hours and an international flight, but #IVoted,” Maines tweeted at the end of the night. “We did it, gang.”

Maines added, “But they were out of stickers so like, was it even worth it?”

On Wednesday, Maines celebrated Massachusetts voters upholding a 2016 law that protects trans people from discrimination in public spaces. Massachusetts became the first state in the country to uphold trans rights by popular vote.

“Thank you to everyone who voted to uphold trans protections in Massachusetts!!! I’m so damn proud. #YesOn3MA #transisbeautiful #WeWontBeErased,” Maines tweeted.

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