Nicole Kidman Responds to Travis Scott and More Celebs About The Undoing Theories Ahead of Finale

One of the first celebrity fans of the series to catch Nicole Kidman's attention was rapper Travis Scott, who went on to share his theory about who killed Elena Alves

Nicole Kidman isn’t the only person who can’t wait for the finale of The Undoing.

With just hours to go before viewers finally find out who killed Elena Alves, Kidman took to social media to respond to some of her favorite celebrity reactions to the series, which follows a husband and wife (played by Kidman and Hugh Grant) whose happy married life crumbles as they find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery.

One of the first celebrity fans of the series to catch Kidman’s attention was rapper Travis Scott. “I can’t be the only one waiting for the last episode of the undoing,” he wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “Who u think did it?? I’m taking alll opinions.”

Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, Travis Scott
Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, Travis Scott. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

After the Instagram account Comments by Celebs highlighted his social media query, Kidman, 53, asked the 29-year-old rapper to share his best guess. “Who do you think did it?” she asked.

“You or ya pops or both,” he replied on his Instagram Stories.

Nicole Kidman
Travis Scott and Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman/Instagram

Of course, Scott isn’t the only famous fan of the limited series.

“Loving the amazing reactions and responses from all of you!” Kidman wrote on her Instagram Story on Sunday. “Here are some of my favorites ahead of tonight’s finale.”

Andy Cohen
Carole Radziwill and Andy Cohen. Andy Cohen/Instagram

Although many celebrities have their opinions, former Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill went the extra mile with her theory. “Henry is too obvious. Husband is also. I think it’s that blonde friend of Nicole’s. The lawyer,” she wrote in an interaction highlighted by Comments by Bravo. “As a writer I’m thinking why is she even a character at this point unless…”

“And as a former RHONY I know something about female friendship betrayal. It’s always epic. Girls, we know that’s the ultimate betrayal. That’s my vote,” she continued, before admitting, “But I could be wrong and it’s the husband.”

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in The Undoing. Niko Tavernise/HBO

In addition to showing some love to Radziwill, Kidman went on to call on an expert to answer an important question. “Do you think Grace Fraser would make a good Real Housewife,” the Oscar-winning actress wrote alongside the post, tagging Andy Cohen.

However, Cohen wasn’t convinced that her character has what it takes for reality television. “Grace might be too secretive and bottled up to be a good real housewife!” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

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Two more fans of the show, Issa Rae and Kerry Washington, also got a shout-out from Kidman.

“THE UNDOING is the perfect Thanksgiving binge. I love white mess,” Rae joked.

“My mom made us each write down who we think the killer is on a piece of paper and has locked it away until after the finale!!!!” Washington added, to which Kidman replied, “Love your Mom’s idea.”

Kidman’s other favorite post came from Kourtney Kardashian, who captioned a recent series of photos: “Who killed Elena Alves?”

“I have a few guesses,” the actress coyly replied.

Kidman's costar Edgar Ramirez also got in on the fun and responded to some fans, including director Ava DuVernay.

Nicole Kidman
Issa Rae, Kerry Washington and Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman/Instagram

Although The Undoing has been a hit with fans, the limited series will likely be done after the finale airs.

"This is a tight story, which is why I think six hours is perfect," director Susanne Bier told Entertainment Weekly.

"It's not like a drama series where you're not quite sure how they're going to evolve and you have a next season," added Kidman. "That's why I say it's like cinema, because you have a beginning, middle, and end. The thing about a limited series is it's so difficult because you're writing a much longer form of cinema that you have to keep people engaged in, and in some ways that's so much harder. That, as an actor, is delicious."

The Undoing airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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