January 07, 2015 07:50 AM

Not everybody can say he’s blown a date with Nicole Kidman. But Jimmy Fallon isn’t everybody.

Kidman, – who along with Hugh Jackman is proof that Australians don’t age like the rest of us – was a guest on The Tonight Show Tuesday, and she used the opportunity to divulge that a mutual friend of the pair had once set her up with Fallon, though Fallon didn’t seem to realize the occasion was a proper date.

“And you wouldn’t talk,” Kidman reminded Fallon. “You wouldn’t say anything, and then you put a video game on or something … and so after about an hour and a half, I thought, ‘He has no interest, this is so embarrassing and then I was like, ‘Maybe he’s gay.’ ”

At least the Tonight Show host put a positive spin on things. “I can’t believe I dated Nicole Kidman,” he said after the dust from the previous statement had settled. “This is fantastic!”

Check out the full clip of the interview below.

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