The actress, who lends her voice to the film The Dog Who Saved Easter, also reveals what '80s trend she'd like to bring back

Credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty

Nicole Eggert was the object of countless crushes as fresh-faced teen Jamie Powell on ’80s sitcom Charles in Charge, later earning her red swimsuit as lifeguard Summer Quinn on Baywatch.

However, for her latest role, the blond beauty will be heard but not seen: Eggert, 42, costars with Mario Lopez in The Dog Who Saved Easter, in which the pair voice two amorous canines.

In honor of her upcoming flick, the actress chatted with PEOPLE about ’80s trends, bizarre fans and her reality-TV stints, which include VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and ABC’s Splash.

Now that you’re a mom of two, would you hire Charles from Charles in Charge to watch your kids?
Probably not [laughs].

You were also on Who’s the Boss. Who’s the better babysitter: Scott Baio’s Charles in Charge character or Tony Danza’s Who’s the Boss character?
Probably Tony Danza.

Has your older daughter, Dilyn, 15, watched Charles in Charge or Baywatch?

Not really, to be honest. She’s really not that interested in it. Maybe it’s weird for her, I don’t know. But she never watches them.

Which do you get recognized for more?
It might be half and half, but I think it’s more Charles in Charge. Either one comes up, and if they recognize me from Charles in Charge they go, “Oh yeah, and Baywatch.” One brings up the other.

What’s the funniest fan encounter you’ve had?
Well, I’ve been flashed. I don’t know if it’s the funniest or the most disgusting. When I was younger, they always wanted to have traces of my footprint, which was probably the weirdest.

What was the silliest episode of Charles in Charge?
There were a lot of them. There was an episode where I was trying to sneak out and go to a rave, so it was quite the outfit and the hair and makeup to go along with it. I don’t think anybody really dresses like that at that age, so it was funny. It was the ’80s – it was crimped hair and stripes around the eyes.

What was your favorite and least favorite outfit on Charles in Charge?

I just eventually had to embrace all the scrunchy socks. Everything was Esprit, and the scrunchy socks and the side ponies. And that really wasn’t who I was at that age – it was the character – so I kind of hated all of it. I obviously embraced that character, so I was really an entirely different person dressed up as Jamie Powell.

What’s one ’80s or ’90s trend you’d like to bring back?
I don’t think anything from the ’90s, although it is all over the place. The ’80s, I guess all the little denim skirts. They were cute – for the young girls, not for me – I m past that now. But the acid-washed, bright-colored denim skirts were kind of cute.

Who was the funniest person on the set of Charles in Charge?
I think just the camaraderie between Willie Aames and James Callahan, who was the grandfather, and Scott [Baio] … the three of them together made the day one big joke. They’re [each] as crazy as the next one, but maybe James Callahan was the funniest.

Whom do you keep in touch with most now?
Maybe Josie [Davis]. Thanks to online media, it’s so much easier these days to keep in touch with people and see what’s going on in their lives. Obviously we’re both on Facebook, and we chat.

Whom do you keep in touch with from the Baywatch cast?
It’s funny, because I really get along well with Jaason Simmons. Although he and I never worked together on the show, we’ve met each other through the show. And Gena Lee Nolin and Donna D’Errico are the same scenario. I keep in touch with all three regularly.

You’ve done Celebrity Fit Club and Splash. Would you do another reality show?

I like the reality format where it’s structured around something other than “We’re going to turn the cameras on and follow the drama in your daily life.” I think I’m a little too private for that. So I would do it again with a format like Splash or Celebrity Fit Club, where there’s structure to it. Then it’s fun. But I wouldn’t be interested in just having a camera following me around all the time.

Do you still talk to any of your Celebrity Fit Club costars?
Shar Jackson and I are really good friends.

What was the best part about doing The Dog Who Saved Easter?
It was really fun to be in the studio and play around and not have to worry about hair and makeup. Guys have it easy on set – it’s a normal day for them. But for us, it’s such a process. So it was fun to not have to do that process and to just show up. And I did a lot of voice-over work as a child, so it was going back to my roots.

What other projects do you have in the works?
I did one film for Up TV that should be airing next month, called Where Is the Love. And I just finished a movie for Discovery Investigates, in a new series they have called Heartbreakers, about women in the ’90s who were killed by their husbands. Judd Nelson played my husband. That was neat for me, because I watched him when I was growing up, and I actually never met him. He’s totally off his rocker – in a good way – so we laughed all day and had a blast.

The Dog Who Saved Easter will be available at Walmart and on Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View April 8. Watch a preview clip below: