'Rehab Addict' 's Nicole Curtis 'Is in the Process of Weaning' Her 30-Month-Old Son Off Breastfeeding

The Rehab Addict star practices babyled weaning, where 30-month-old Harper eats at his own pace

Nicole Curtis “is in the process of weaning” her 30-month-old son, Harper, off of breastfeeding.

In court documents filed Nov. 27 to the State of Michigan and obtained by The Blast, Curtis clarified her current parenting time order and asked that the court deny her ex Shane Anthony Maguire’s request for additional parenting time with their young son.

According to Curtis’ filing, her “breast-feeding of the minor child does not interfere with [Maguire’s] parenting time. While [Curtis] is in the process of weaning the minor child, this is a complete ‘non-issue’ in this matter.”

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From left: Nicole Curtis, her son Harper and Shane

Curtis’ response comes weeks after Maguire requested in court documents filed Nov. 13 that his parenting time be increased and alleged that Harper “no longer needs to be nursed — another reason [Curtis] opposed [Maguire] having additional parenting time.”

Maguire also previously alleged that days before Harper was born, Curtis moved from Minnesota to Michigan — where she gave birth — without notice. In result, Maguire sold his home in Minnesota and relocated both his home and business to Michigan to be closer to Harper “because of the ongoing difficulty in exercising parenting time and the frequent amount of airline travel involved,” the documents stated.

Now, Curtis — who relocated to California — is claiming that Maguire’s “move to Michigan — after he learned of [Curtis’] permitted relocation to California — is nothing more than a stunt by him to create further havoc in this case. [Maguire] should be sanctioned for failing to inform the Court regarding [Curtis’] relocation to California in his motion. His omission of this fact is significantly misleading.”

“[Maguire’s] request for additional parenting time should be summarily denied,” the documents state.

“[Curtis] states that the current agreed-upon parenting time schedule remains in the best interests of the minor child,” the documents read.

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Melanie Acevedo

Earlier this month, the Rehab Addict star opened up to PEOPLE about her decision to continue breastfeeding Harper and the “heart-wrenching” custody battle that she’s been embroiled in.

“Every single day I have to weather criticism about how my child is too old to breastfeed,” said Curtis. “But when he weans, it’s going to be his decision. I truly believe it’s the child’s choice.”

Curtis practices babyled weaning where Harper eats at his own pace: “It doesn’t force children to eat — it allows them to discover it and gradually wean at their pace.”

Maguire initially accused the HGTV star of continuing to breastfeed their toddler as a way to prevent him from getting time with his son. Curtis, however, denied that she ever wanted it to become a problem.

“It’s so important that children have both of their parents,” she said. “But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right.”

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