Nico Tortorella & Partner Aren't Welcome at Family's Holiday Celebrations As They're Polyamorous

Nico Tortorella opens up about his partner, Bethany Meyers, and her family's reaction to their polyamorous relationship

Update: In May 2018, Nico Tortorella announced that they are gender fluid and use they/them pronouns. This content was written in November 2017, before they publicly announced their gender identity.

Younger actor Nico Tortorella has revealed that his and partner of 11 years Bethany Meyers’ decision to go public with his polyamorous relationship has come at a cost.

The actor, 29, told PEOPLE at the Worldwide Orphans Gala Monday night in New York City that his and Meyers’ honesty about their relationship has caused some tension from her family.

“Honestly, it’s kind of a sensitive topic right this second,” he says. “Because of all the attention that the relationship has gotten recently, we are coming up to the holiday season and because of certain things that were said, Bethany and I are not necessarily, completely welcome in her family celebrations this year.”

Despite the change his and Meyers’ honesty has caused in their familial relationships, Tortorella says he wouldn’t change anything about his decision to speak about his polyamorous relationship.

“No, no, absolutely not,” he said referring to keeping his personal life private. “It just means we have to talk about it more. There are millions of people in non-traditional relationships that get cut off from their families every single day and it’s not okay.”

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As for his holiday plans, Tortorella says he and Meyers have a lot on.

“We’re gonna be in Chicago, big Thanksgiving celebration next week,” he says, laughing. “And then Bethany and I are headed to Peru for a few weeks before Christmas to go do some ayahuasca (an Amazonian mind-altering substance used for various ailments by shaman).”

“I’m ver excited,” he adds. “I did it last year — this is [Bethany’s] first time.”

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Tortorella has been in a polyamorous relationship for 11 years with fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Meyers. She identifies as gay, while he identifies as pansexual.

In July, the actor and Meyers opened up about their relationship in an interview with The Advocate.

“I think the way I use the word fluidity is like fluid in everything, fluid in train of thought,” he said. “It doesn’t always have to be one thing. The one thing anybody can talk about, no matter race, religion, sexuality or gender, is love.”

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