"Demi is a close friend," Nick Viall said of his relationship with the fellow Bachelor Nation alum

By Ashley Boucher
November 14, 2019 12:37 AM

Nick Viall is denying rumors that he and fellow Bachelor Nation alum Demi Burnett are dating.

“I’m pissed, I feel violated, it’s not cool,” Viall said this week on his Viall Files podcast, explaining that someone from his apartment complex posted on Reddit that they saw him and Burnett coming and going from his apartment recently.

“I live with someone who is spying on me and going on Reddit,” Viall said. “Apparently, everyone thinks I am dating Demi [Burnett].”

Viall, 39, said that while they are close friends, his relationship with Burnett is nothing more than platonic.

“Demi is a close friend. She’s a dear friend. We’ve become very close, I care very much about her,” he said, adding that they are “as close as platonic friends can be.”

“Demi has, in fact, been to my place, as friends sometimes do go to each other’s places,” he said.

Viall said that he feels “violated” by the Reddit post, and feels like it means “someone I live with says they are spying on me.”

“Only recently Demi has come to my place for the first time, so there was no tea to spill [before that],” Viall added. “And I don’t have Bachelor friends come over very often. I don’t hang out with — I feel violated.”

Burnett and Viall make regular appearances on each other’s social media, and recently attended a Halloween party together where Burnett wore a Hooters outfit and Viall dressed up as new Bachelor Peter Weber. Burnett has also been a guest on the Viall Files.

Demi Burnett
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Nick Viall
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“When Pilot Pete shows up a Hooter’s girl with a better booty 👻🧡” Burnett captioned a photo on Instagram of the duo in their costumes.

In September, Burnett gave Viall a birthday shoutout on Instagram, saying that he “quickly” became a “very close friend” and a “very strong ally.”

“I’m so proud to know you on the level that I do,” she continued in the post. “You’re loyal, caring, handsome, smart- I could go on and on about how wonderful you are. Take it all in because I am only being this nice to you today since it’s your birthday. Love you big ❥”

Viall shared a photo of the pals a few days prior to Burnett’s birthday tribute, writing, “Trouble finds each other.”

In July, he shared another photo with Burnett, writing “Proud of you 🌈 #bip” in reference to Burnett’s coming out as queer on Bachelor in Paradise. While Burnett ended the show engaged to girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, the couple confirmed last month that they have since split.

Before the rumors about Viall and Burnett, fans thought that the podcaster might be dating actress Rachel Bilson.

In September, he said that he’s “not really defining any relationships these days.”

“But I do think she has a great Instagram and it is very easy to comment on her content,” he added of The O.C. alum.