Nick Viall Confirms He 'Hung Out' with Rachel Bilson at Dinner: 'Her Friends Were There Too'

The reality star recently denied rumors that he was dating fellow Bachelor Nation alum Demi Burnett

Nick Viall is sharing new details about his relationship with friend Rachel Bilson.

In a new episode of the LadyGang Network podcast, “Brad Behavior,” the former Bachelor star joined host Brad Goreski, who did some “super-sleuthing” on Viall’s Instagram and recalled seeing a (now deleted) post that showed the reality star getting dinner with the actress back in October.

While the photo may have been blurry, Goreski explained that he recognized the white, asymmetrical Jacquemus dress Bilson was wearing and immediately made the connection that it was her in the photo.

“Where you having dinner with her?” the celebrity stylist asked the reality star.

“Yeah. We hung out, and her friends were there too … a bunch of people,” Viall responded, admitting to Goreski that the photo was of the pair getting dinner together.

A rep for Bilson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Rachel Bilson and Nick Viall:
Nick Viall/Instagram

The Hart of Dixie actress, 38, and Viall were first linked after she appeared on Nick Viall’s, The Viall Files podcast, in July. At the time, the two shared photos of each other on Instagram.

“Will we choose to forgo our individual rooms…,” Viall, 39, joked in his caption, which led Bilson to make a joke of her own in the comments: “He slid into her…dms #sheaccepted.”

In recent months, fans have made note of the two’s flirty social media exchanges. Viall has regularly written coy comments on Bilson’s posts, leading fans to believe that the reality star and the actress may be more than just friends.

Nick Viall Instagram

“Nice mountains,” Viall commented on a scenic pic Bilson shared in September. A few weeks prior, he wrote “nice foliage” on a photo of the actress standing beside a plant, according to Cosmopolitan.

The reality star later told PEOPLE that he is “not really defining any relationships these days.”

“But I do think she has a great Instagram and it is very easy to comment on her content,” he added.

While Viall may not be giving away much when it comes to his relationship with Bilson, he recently denied rumors that he has been dating fellow Bachelor Nation alum Demi Burnett.

Nick Viall
Nick Viall Instagram

“I’m pissed, I feel violated, it’s not cool,” Viall said last week on his podcast, explaining that someone from his apartment complex posted on Reddit that they saw him and Burnett recently coming and going from his place.

“I live with someone who is spying on me and going on Reddit,” Viall said. “Apparently, everyone thinks I am dating Demi [Burnett].”

And while he and Burnett are close friends, Viall clarified that he has a platonic relationship with the Bachelor in Paradise star.

“Demi is a close friend. She’s a dear friend. We’ve become very close, I care very much about her,” he said, adding that they are “as close as platonic friends can be.”

“Demi has, in fact, been to my place, as friends sometimes do go to each other’s places,” he said.

Burnett and Viall make regular appearances on each other’s social media, and Burnett has also been a guest on the Viall Files.

After his season of The Bachelor, Viall was engaged to winner Vanessa Grimaldi. The two split in August 2017, five months after his season 21 finale aired.

Burnett recently confirmed her split from fiancée Kristian Haggerty in October. The pair got engaged on the most recent season ofBachelor in Paradise, with Burnett coming out as queer on the show.

Bilson split from actorHayden Christensen in 2017 after nearly a decade together. The exes share daughter Briar Rose, who turns 5 next month.

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