If you think Nick Offerman is stoic, wait until you meet his dad

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 14, 2016 02:25 PM
Credit: Diageo

Attentive Parks and Recreation viewers may have noticed that woodworking enthusiast, Libertarian and all-around man’s man Ron Swanson was fiercely dedicated to Lagavulin single malt Scotch whisky.

And given that the the distinction between Swanson and the man who played him, Nick Offerman, seems to grow blurrier with each passing day, it should come as no surprise to you that Offerman is a fan of the stuff as well. (We’re sure you remember “Nick Offerman’s Yule Log,” a holiday video that offered you 45 minutes of the actor silently seated in a leather armchair before a blazing fireplace, glass of scotch in hand.)

Anyway, the latest offering in Offerman’s My Tales of Whisky series shows him hanging out with his dad, Ric, fishing in complete and utter silence while simultaneously having a moving heart-to-heart conversation, as only Offermans can do.

“Working with my Dad (aka my hero) was a sincere honor and a treat,” Offerman says of the clip. “Especially since all we had to do was go fishing. And if people have enjoyed my stoic expressions, then I expect they’re about to have their hats fly off when they lay eyes on the face of the august edifice from whence I sprung.”

Incidentally, Father’s Day is Sunday, and if you’re looking for a similar bonding experience with your dad (minus the fishing and beards) there’s nothing quite like – what else – a fine bottle of Lagavulin. Or a hand-carved canoe. But who are we, Nick (or Ric) Offerman?