Nick Offerman on Why He Didn't Ask His Wife for Advice on Hosting the 2016 Webby Awards

Plus, Offerman shares why he's looking forward to meeting Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

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Nick Offerman knows it would be “wise” to run some of his jokes for his hosting gig at the 20th Annual Webby Awards by his ultra-funny wife Megan Mullally, but he decided not to for a very good reason.

“We’re actually working on a film together right now in Austin,” the Parks and Recreation alum, 45, tells PEOPLE. “She’s working quite a bit and so I’m trying to stay out of her head at the moment.”

He continued, “In a relationship, you have to know when to take and when to give. If your spouse is playing a role in a film, then you try to stay out of their mojo so they have all their faculties as available as possible.”

[IMAGE “3” “” “std” ]Offerman, who usually turns to Mullally, 57, for advice, has looked up to her since they first started dating when she was on Will & Grace.

“She’s such a comedy legend and she’s so generous with her talents that she would help me with my auditions and stuff, and she was very much a coach to me and really still kind of is,” he says, adding that he realized they were finally peers when she started guest-starring on Parks and Recreation as his character Ron Swanson’s insane ex-wife Tammy.

“I’m incredibly privileged to share the stage with her,” says Offerman, 45, who added that they’re both still crazy about each other.

While preparing to host the Webby Awards, his first time hosting a major award ceremony, Offerman took a crash course on all things Internet. For example, he finally learned about Pizza Rat.

“I was kind of delighted that I’m that blind to what’s going on because it means I’m reading books or something,” says Offerman, who hosted the Television Critics Association Awards in 2011. “I want to know what’s going on, but only for 15 minutes.”

Looking ahead at the big night, Offerman, who promises there will be a “couple of hijinks,” says he’s particularly excited to meet Webby award winners Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, who are rumored to be attending.

“You get such a fantastical idea of people in your head and then you meet them and you end up sharing an opinion about the dinner rolls and you realize that we’re all just trying to pay rent like anybody else,” he says.

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