Nick Kroll Splits His Pants — But Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel Had Tape

Jimmy Kimmel comes to Nick Kroll's rescue when Kroll splits his pants on the talk show

Some people are always there for you, and in the case of Nick Kroll, he is lucky to have Jimmy Kimmel by his side.

On Wednesday, Kroll was discussing his newest movie, Uncle Drew, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when he had a serious wardrobe malfunction. The comedian was discussing his experience playing basketball with NBA star Kyrie Irving, and explaining how he had scored a point on him. The comedian joked, “I have a feeling, I know I went the comedy route but if I had just done a little more…”

He then demonstrated his defense stance when going up against Irving, when he leaned down and accidentally split the back of his pants right down the middle.

Randy Holmes/ABC

Kroll turned around and gave a little shake for the audience, saying, “I fully did split my pants.”

Kroll then tried to engage the audience back in with his basketball tale, but Kimmel said, through laughs, “there is no way to follow that, we should take a commercial break right now.” Kimmel added, “Let’s get some duct tape in here!”

Later, Kroll took to Twitter to post a few pictures of him and the talk show host, writing the caption, “Watch me on @jimmykimmellive tonight and see how I split my pants and how @JimmyKimmel graciously taped them up during a commercial break and still took a picture with me at the end like nothing weird happened.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! posted their own tweet about the incident, captioning a picture of Kroll bending over and showing off the rip with the words, “When you rip your pants in the middle of a talk show appearance…”

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Fans and other celebrities tweeted their thoughts on the incident, including one witty reply from filmmaker Chris Weitz, who said, “Usually you are SPLITTING SIDES because you are funny you’re welcome.”

Luckily, Kimmel had tape to patch up the Kroll’s split for the rest of the interview.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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