Nicholas Brendon was arrested four times in 2015

Credit: Peteski Productions/CBS Television Distribution

More than three months after he walked off set, Nicholas Brendon is returning to the The Dr. Phil Show to confront his personal demons.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Criminal Minds star has taped an appearance set to air Tuesday. Brendon, 44, checked into a 90-day depression program at a Florida rehab center in October but was allowed to attend Toulouse Game Show, a French fan convention, last week.

The actor accused Phil McGraw of going for “the jugular” and forcing him to “lay the darkest parts of myself on national TV” when the two sat down in August to discuss Brendon’s substance abuse issues.

But in a preview of Tuesday’s episode, Brendon welcomes McGraw’s intervention.

“I feel a lot better than I did last time. I think I need more help than I realized,” he says. “I just felt this was the right thing.”

McGraw then asks if Brendon was “drunk” during their first session – though viewers will have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

In another clip, Brendon opens up about his time behind bars.

“When you wake up in jail, you’re not sure why you’re there, that’s a very, very lonely feeling,” he says.

And he begins to tear up when listening to a desperate voicemail message he left for Dr. Phil producer, saying he felt “hopeless and afraid.”

Brendon was arrested four times in 2015, most recently in October after an alleged domestic altercation with his girlfriend in Saratoga Springs, New York. He entered rehab in June for depression and substance abuse after being arrested in South Carolina in May and in Florida in February and March for trashing hotel rooms and public intoxication.

In an October Facebook post, he revealed he’s “had failed attempts at suicide” and vowed to “fix” himself.

“If I can help just one person by sharing my struggles and how I’m battling them, [then it’s] all completely worth it,” he said.