Janay and Ray Rice
January 27, 2015 04:35 PM

In a move that’s no doubt aimed at critics who believe the NFL turns a blind eye to domestic abuse, a PSA is planned for Sunday’s Super Bowl that will address the hot-button topic.

The spot will feature a woman talking to a 911 operator and pretending to order a pizza, when in fact she’s hoping to tip off authorities that she’s being attacked and needs help, reports the Wall Street Journal. The spot mirrors a similar, real-life incident that was reported on Reddit in October.

The league will give up some of its airtime during Sunday’s telecast on NBC, which is charging roughly $4.5 million for each 30 seconds of ad time during the game.

“This is us trying to do the right thing,” the NFL’s chief marketing officer Dawn Hudson told the newspaper. “If my motivation was to help the brand, then I would have slapped the NFL logo on it.”

The decision to air the PSA comes after NFL faced criticism for the way it handled – or didn’t initially handle – Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens running back who was caught on tape punching his then-fiancée Janay unconscious in a hotel elevator.

Despite the media coverage, the NFL claims it hasn’t lost any of the sponsors that, in 2013, paid more than $1 billion to be associated with pro football.

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