Watch the new Late Show host shave off his "time off" beard

By Drew Mackie
Updated June 03, 2015 07:35 PM
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

After a long winter hibernation, Stephen Colbert has returned to us. And while he brought his Colbeard with him, you should take one last look at it while you can.

Joking that “CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck’s mustache has a non-compete clause,” Colbert, 51, slowly buzzes off his beard in the video, going from liberal arts professor to “un-Hitler” to Amish to “half-Wolverine.” It’s all in preparation for him taking over hosting duties on The Late Show in September.

In releasing the video – Colbert, formerly the host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, which aired its last episode in December – is giving a hint how he’ll host The Late Show. He won’t be doing a bit as he was on Colbert Report, satirizing conservative shows such as The O’Reilly Factor. If this clip is any indication, he’ll just be his affable, odd self.

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Colbert already appeared beardless at the CBS upfronts in May, when he joked that he’d be a good fit for the CSI network because “most of my show will be me solving murders by zooming in on pubic hairs.”