Breaking: North's adorable grimace can now be your response to literally every text you receive
Credit: Screenshot Maria Yagoda / Images: Courtesy Kimoji

Breaking: North West‘s adorable grimace can now be your response to every text you ever receive.

The truth is, all of the new additions to KimojiKim Kardashian West‘s line of emojis, of course – are applicable to a wide range of situations, from late-night booty texts to messages from Verizon informing you that you’re about to exceed your data limit. (Why can’t they just let us live our lives?)

Kardashian West’s sisters Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian all revealed on their websites and apps how they would use the latest Kimojis, but allow us to present you with 11 text scenarios that the fresh batch of X-rated emoji renderings, added to the app on Wednesday, are absolutely perfect for. Because sometimes words simply won’t do.

NOTE: This should come as no surprise, but … some of the following images are NSFW.

When a friend invites you to something you would never ever even consider for a second going to:

When you had a momentary lapse in judgment and gave your phone number to a Tinder guy who’s clearly not here for the right reasons:

When you’re turnt beyond reason:

When you’re (getting) busy:

When your roommate is being annoying and asking you to do some basic things you already should have done:

When your food is on the way:

When your mom is assigning you tasks:

When you’re flirting past 1 a.m.:

When Verizon is cyber-bullying you:

When your ex is remorseful but it’s too little too late:

When you announce yourself to a former flame:

And from the Kimoji Queen herself, a few animations for your entertainment …

They don’t call it hump day for nothin’!