Peter Gallagher will costar as Schmidt's dad on The New Girl

By Patrick Gomez
Updated March 18, 2016 07:25 PM
Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

Ready for your head to spin?

Peter Gallagher will be guest starring on Tuesday’s episode of New Girl as the father of Schmidt (Max Greenfield).

But this isn’t the first time Gallagher and Greenfield have played characters in the same family.

In fact, Greenfield actually played a younger version of Gallagher’s character Sandy Cohen in a 2007 episode of The O.C..

Now the former Sandys have reunited on New Girl as Greenfield’s Shmidt plans his wedding to longtime crush Cece (Hannah Simone).

“I think I heard about it through social media,” Greenfield says in a interview clip exclusive to PEOPLE of how he discovered Gallagher had been cast as his father. “No one told me!”

But the two quickly bonded, with Gallagher imparting fatherly advice to Greenfield.

“How do I hold on to the hair,” Greenfield asks the well-coiffed Gallagher.

“You just don’t have any big thoughts,” replies Gallagher.

New Girl airs Tuesdays (at 8 p.m.) on Fox.