It's a meme come true

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new baby yoda dolls

Baby Yoda fans, you're in for a treat. New dolls based off of the popular character from The Mandalorian have dropped — including one that's drinking soup.

While we can't confirm that the figurine was inspired by the viral meme of the Child sipping soup, we do have a feeling some inspiration was drawn from there. The 2.2-inch figurine comes in a two pack along with another figurine of Baby Yoda wrapped in a blanket. (We can't handle the cuteness, either.) Hasbro released several other figurines, as well as a talking doll that plays “vocal sounds” from the character. They're all currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and are expected to ship in May 2020.

new baby yoda dolls

Buy It! The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” Sipping Soup, Blanket-Wrapped Figure, $15.99;; The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” Don't Leave, Ball Toy Figure, $15.99;; The Mandalorian “Baby Yoda” Froggy Snack, Force Moment Figure, $15.99;

This collection of Baby Yoda toys comes shortly after the release of the Baby Yoda Funko Pop ($8.99; and Disney's Baby Yoda Doll ($24.99;, which were both announced earlier this month. Both of those items are also available for pre-order on Amazon, and expected to ship in May 2020 as well.

new baby yoda dolls

Buy It!

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy with Character Sounds and Accessories, $24.99;

But if you just can't wait to get your hands on some Baby Yoda gear, don't fret: Amazon has an entire storefront dedicated to The Mandalorian (yes, seriously), which includes tons of cute and funny Baby Yoda t-shirts. While each shirt is printed on demand, you can expect them to arrive at your door in just a few days time.

Even though the figurine won't arrive in time for Christmas, we can confidently say that Baby Yoda drinking soup makes the perfect gift year round.