Circle, take me to their profiles!

Part game show, part commentary on social media, if it hasn’t already become your latest obsession, The Circle on Netflix will be soon. Hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, the game show works like this: Strangers all move into the same apartment building and exclusively communicate through an app called “The Circle.” Some choose to catfish, hiding their identity behind someone else’s photos, while others choose to stay true to themselves. Regardless, members of The Circle rank one another regularly and the most popular player amongst them wins $100,000.

Oh, and there’s a bunch of cringe-worthy flirting (imagine your DMs were made public) and drama along the way.

Missing the members of The Circle already? Here’s how you can find them on Instagram.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Italian mama’s boy Joey came into The Circle like a Jersey Shore parody, but swiftly earned the respect and admiration of the rest of the contestants (and our hearts) when he stayed totally true to himself. He’s pretty much the definition of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” He even managed to (spoiler) win the big prize at the end, proving that being yourself really is the best option.

Alana was the very first to be blocked from The Circle because everyone thought that she had to be a catfish. Her photos were just too perfect, you know?

Chris came into The Circle with a plan to be himself and rely on his faith, and his hilarious one-liners and reactions made him a house favorite (even though some people assumed that he was a catfish). If you need a daily dose of inspiration, follow the freelance artist and “hood spiritualist hustler” on Insta.

Seaburn decided to play the game as “Rebecca,” using photos of his actual girlfriend, Sami. Throughout the game, we got to see him try to navigate talks about periods, awkward flirting and snuggling with a huge teddy bear.

In case you liked Rebecca’s photos, you can follow the real woman behind them on Instagram.

Shooby! The totally lovable 23-year-old (who once ran for Governor of California!) who was anti-social media somehow managed to become The Circle’s first influencer (and nab the spot several more times) and get to the final two. He worked hard to forge meaningful relationships with everyone, but his bromance with Joey was the cutest.

Another catfish in our midst! The 37-year-old from New York decided to play the game as someone totally random, who she named Mercedeze. Her reasoning for catfishing was that she felt that people would judge her based on her appearance, and she wanted to have a fair chance.

The professional basketball player had strategy, but when it came to scoring points with the other players, he fouled out. The 24-year-old was blocked from The Circle early on, so he didn’t really get a chance to shine.

The 24-year-old behavior technician went from first influencer to The Circle Fan Favorite by being herself and having hilarious reactions to anyone who tried to flirt with her.

Miranda made the rest of the Circle question her authenticity because of her ever-changing hair and disappearing tattoos (they were real) and she was eventually blocked. But not before she could make a ~*love*~ connection with Joey who, in a twist worth of a Shakespeare play, was the one to send her home. They did share a smooch before she left, so maybe there’s hope?

Alex went into The Circle with the strategy of flirting as a totally different (and more buff) person, Adam. The problem? Alex was a newlywed who’d been with his wife for years, so his flirting game was lacking. Hint: It included the word “aroused.”

Bill Cranley

The Chicago native didn’t last long in the game, but when he was ousted, he made sure to call everyone out for being fake.

Sean Taylor

Sean went into the game with someone else’s photos because she was of the belief that skinnier women tend to be more popular and well-liked. After some time, she realized that she was making a mistake not being the confident, funny woman she truly is and she revealed herself to the group.

Ed had the thickest Pennsylvanian accent we’ve ever heard and a skeptical eye. He and his mom, Tammy, were the last to enter The Circle, but he knew from the start that Rebecca A.K.A. Seaburn was really a catfish.

Tammy Eason A.K.A. Ed’s Mom

Who wouldn’t want their mom to join them in The Circle? She’s a big fan of the “emojo,” which is what she called emoji.

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