The streaming service has released the first trailer for a new reality show that has contestants using social media to compete


Take one apartment building, add eight contestants, give them all access to the same social media platform and $100,000 worth of reasons to charm, lie, manipulate and befriend — shake well, and you’ve got Netflix‘s The Circle.

On Tuesday, the streaming service debuted the first trailer for its new reality series, premiering on Jan. 1 and airing over three weeks.

Based on a U.K. series of the same name, The Circle crosses the house-bound Survivor-esque competition of Big Brother with the who-are-you-really internet trickery of Catfish.

Here’s how it works: A group of people all have to live in the same building in isolation and can only interact with each other, but they never meet in person. Instead, they all hang out on “The Circle,” a digital platform where they can chat, send photos and more.

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The contestants have to rank each other by popularity, and periodically, the least-liked people are eliminated. At stake is $100,000. Some in the game play themselves, others do not — and at least one contestant is playing his girlfriend. Complications ensue.

Or, as one cast member puts it in the trailer: “This is gonna get ugly. I love it.”

Says another: “The Circle has no chill.” We’ve been warned.

The Circle premieres Jan. 1 on Netflix and will air over three weeks.