'The Circle' Winner Joey Sasso Gives 'Tips' on How to Win Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

The first four episodes of season 2 will hit Netflix on Wednesday

Not sure how Netflix's hit reality series The Circle works? Don't worry, season 1 winner Joey Sasso has you covered.

Sasso, who walked away with the $100,000 grand prize after winning the first season of the game show, gives a full rundown on how to play — and win — in PEOPLE's exclusive clip ahead of the season 2 premiere on Wednesday.

"The Circle is a game where all the players move into the same apartment," Sasso begins, "but they cannot see or hear each other. They can only communicate using a voice-activated social media platform called — you guessed it — The Circle."

"Because the players don't meet face-to-face, they can choose to be whoever they want to be while using The Circle platform," the New York native continues. "So beware of a catfish. And from there, it's all about making friends and influencing the other players to trust and like you."

Sasso, who beat out Shubham "Shooby" Goel, Sammie Cimarelli and Chris Sapphire to win season 1, goes on to explain that players "rank each other based on their previous interactions via The Circle platform. And if you don't finish in the top two, you could be sent home. Blocked, evicted, dunzo, gone forever, buh bye."

Joey Sasso, The Circle
Joey Sasso. Netflix

As for winning the game? Sasso, 27, has three distinct tips that any and all contestants should stick to if they want to follow in his victorious footsteps.

"Tip number one, enter the circle with a game plan," Sasso says. "When I went into The Circle, I was going in as myself and I was going to be true to me."

Tip number two, Sasso says, is "to make friends" — just like he did with runner-up Shooby, 25, last season. And the third and final tip is simple: "Do what you've got do."

"Do I have to say that? There's $100,000 on the line here!" Sasso says.

Joey Sasso, The Circle
Joey Sasso. Netflix

The Circle, hosted by Michelle Buteau, launched in January 2020.

Netflix announced last month that the series would return for a second season with all-new contestants, including Too Hot to Handle alum Chloe Veitch. The series will roll out its 13 episodes over a four-week span.

The first four episodes of The Circle season 2 will hit Netflix on Wednesday.

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