Netflix Is Testing a 'Shuffle' Button on TV Devices

Netflix's new "Shuffle Play" feature is only available on TV devices as of now

Netflix. Photo: Netflix

Unsure of what to watch on Netflix? Well, the streaming service's latest innovative feature may help solve that problem.

According to Tech Crunch, Netflix is currently testing a "Shuffle Play" option on TV devices that is available in at least one of three places: underneath the profile row on the home screen, in the “billboard” area on the home screen of a user’s profile, or on the TV menu sidebar.

When pressed, "Shuffle Play" will randomly play content among the thousands of TV shows, films and documentaries in Netflix's library.

Many Netflix users have already discovered the feature on their TV devices, sharing their reactions — mostly positive — on Twitter.

"Whoa whoa what is this cool “shuffle play” feature on Netflix?!? It’s amazing and helpful for my indecisive self," wrote one user.

Another subscriber tweeted, "the shuffle play on Netflix?!? A GODSEND."

In a statement to Variety, a Netflix spokesperson said the company hopes to use its findings from the tests to decide whether to create a permanent “shuffle” feature.

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” the spokesperson said. “The hope is to absolutely productize something."

Last year, Netflix tested a similar feature with a random-episode button on its Android app, which was available for select shows such as The Office, Grey's Anatomy and Parks and Recreation.

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