Netflix's 'Perfect Match' : Are Any of the Couples Still Together?

The couples made it to the season 1 finale, but did any of them stay together after filming wrapped?

Netflix sought to help some of its reality favorites find their best connection possible on Perfect Match — but did the process work?

In the streamer's latest dating series, hosted by Nick Lachey, stars from Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, Sexy Beasts and The Mole competed to form their most-compatible relationship. Tons of hurdles appeared throughout the episodes as a way to test the contenders, including introducing sexy new singles.

"There was so many different types of people and things to deal with and the competitions and needing to strategize to stay in the house," Francesca Farago exclusively told PEOPLE of being on the show. "It was stressful because you could go home any day. And it was stressful because you didn't know who was going to come in and how your relationship was going to keep progressing throughout the show. So, it was a lot that went into it and very emotional as well. I feel like there was a lot of emotional stuff."

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Out of the 20-plus contestants, only five couples made it to the finale: Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen; Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel; Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso; Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden; and Lauren "LC" Chamblin and Nick Uhlenhuth.

As viewers now know, Georgia and Dom were voted as the "Perfect Match," winning an all-expenses paid vacation to anywhere of their choosing. However, fans were left in the dark about whether any of these final couples actually ended up together after filming wrapped.

Below, see what the cast exclusively told PEOPLE about whether they, indeed, found their perfect match.

Perfect Match. (L to R, B to F) Bartise Bowden, Will Richardson, Zay Wilson, Calvin Crooks, Ines Tazi, Nick Uhlenhuth, Joey Sasso, Kariselle Snow, Mitchell Eason, Chase Demoor, Izzy Fairthorne, Abbey Humphreys, Francesca Farago, Georgia Hassarati, Dom Gabriel, Lauren “LC” Chamblin, Shayne Jansen, Chloe Veitch, Diamond Jack, Colony Reeves, Savannah Palacio, Anne-Sophie Perite-Frere, Damian Powers from episode 10 of Perfect Match.
The cast of Perfect Match. Tarina Rodriguez/Netflix

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen

Sparks flew between Chloe, 23, and Shayne, 33, almost immediately upon her entry into the villa. But after being put on a surprise date with her ex from The Circle, Mitchell Eason, she saw it as an opportunity to reconnect with him.

However, the pair's reconciliation didn't go as she had hoped when Mitchell, 23, indicated he was not interested in a serious relationship. Chloe, from there, saw it as an opportunity to correct course and try to mend things with Shayne, with whom she selected to go on a date upon gaining the power after winning a challenge.

Though it was a rocky journey upon his return to the villa, Chloe and Shayne made it to the finals, sharing their hopes to maintain their love long-distance. But Chloe has since told PEOPLE that the pair broke up.

Perfect Match. (L to R) Shayne Jansen, Chloe Veitch in episode 12 of Perfect Match.
Courtesy of Netflix

"I feel like when I first met Shayne, it was sparks in the air. I felt like Netflix put me and him together because they knew we would be perfect," she said. "And I was so lost in that hope. I was in love with the idea of being in love, and I was obsessed. And then as soon as the road got a little bit rocky and I had to kind of make certain decisions to bring Mitchell into the house to see if anything with him was going to happen."

She continued, "And when it didn't, I was like, no. Do you know what? My gut is telling me, Shayne. There was some moments where he couldn't accept that and he needed a bit of reassuring. And I'm the number one reassurer because I know how it feels. But we did butt heads quite a lot and towards the end I was like, I feel like you are my perfect match."

Chloe admitted there "was some doubt right in my mind from the previous argument that we had."

"I see some colors that I didn't like. I quite like pink. I don't like red," she added. "So after the show, we decided not to take things any further."

Chloe has since united with Shayne's former fiancée, Natalie Lee, from Love Is Blind and fellow Perfect Match fling Ines Tazi for a hilarious new TikTok.

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel

Dom, 30, experienced heartbreak following his failed connection with Francesca, 30, as she chose to instead pursue longtime friend Damian Powers from Love Is Blind. Instead of continuing to wallow in his sadness, he opted to take a shot on Georgia, 26, after she made a bold move and asked him to match up.

Though they received some criticism for whether their connection was truly genuine, Dom and Georgia proved to build a strong bond. They even won the competition altogether. But after the show, the two parted ways before they could even utilize their vacation prize.

"We're not together. He's amazing and I feel like we tried to see where things could go after the show," Georgia told PEOPLE. "We were just both in very different situations and we're both from so far away from each other, Australia, Canada. I feel like when you're in that environment you're like, 'Oh, it's going to be fine. We'll make it happen.'"

Perfect Match. (L to R) Georgia Hassarati, Dom Gabriel in episode 12 of Perfect Match.
Courtesy of Netflix

"But then you come out and everything seems to not flow the way it did in that environment where everything's handed to you and you're just there. We tried to see how it go, and it just, unfortunately, didn't work out," she added.

As for Dom, he said he still has "so much love" for Georgia.

"I think she has a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart inside and out. I think any guy that's with her is so lucky to have her, I think they're the luckiest man on Earth," he continued. "Obviously, after the show, there's distance. She's from Australia, I'm from Canada. It's hard."

Georgia has since confirmed she's dating fellow Too Hot to Handle alum Harry Jowsey.

Dom said they "tried our best to make it work and keep in contact" given the circumstances, but they ultimately decided "focus on ourselves and see what the future holds."

"And if we meet again and the connection is still strong, then we'll carry on and see where it went," he added.

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso

Kariselle, 27, and Joey, 29, previously dated before coming onto the series. Because of that, they used Perfect Match as an opportunity to work on their previous issues. The only other relationships they had on the show was Kariselle going on a date with Too Hot to Handle's Chase DeMoor, who she also kissed.

The duo proved to be a steady couple after working out their kinks. In the finale episode, Joey actually proposed — and Kariselle accepted. But Joey told PEOPLE post-finale that "unfortunately, it didn't work out."

Perfect Match. (L to R) Kariselle Snow, Joey Sasso in episode 10 of Perfect Match.
Courtesy of Netflix

"But here's the thing, when you're overseas, you're in this beautiful village, so romantic and you're working on your relationship, you're working on your future. And when you go back to reality, sometimes things can be very difficult," he explained. "They can be very hard. And as far as what went wrong, that's just something that we like to keep private between us."

"It's not like it was a lot of drama, but I think that you could see when you watch the show, we're the type of people that when our highs are high, they're extremely high," he continued. "When our lows are low, they can be very low."

The Circle alum also wants "nothing but the best" for Kariselle going forward. "She is someone I will always love, always have respect for, and I know we both speak very highly of each other," he said.

"At the end of the day, we went through this together," he added. "We had blood, sweat, and tears. So there will always be that love between us, no matter what."

Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden

Izzy, 22, and Bartise, 27, endured very wild, twisty journeys upon entering the villa. At first, Izzy chose to pursue Bartise after briefly being linked to Shayne, which occurred after her brief fling with Nick, with whom she initially went on a first date.

But Bartise soon began to pursue Ines, 26, after Izzy, and he later got eliminated. (He also tried to briefly explore a connection with Abbey Humphreys before ultimately choosing Izzy.)

Perfect Match. (L to R) Izzy Fairthorne, Bartise Bowden in episode 05 of Perfect Match.
Courtesy of Netflix

Izzy and Bartise reconnected upon their respective returns to the villa. From there, they went on a romantic date, where they discussed their future.

And while they do believe they "get each other," they recognized their "biggest challenge" going forward is long distance. Bartise declared his willingness to visit Izzy in the U.K. to "see what we can turn this into," though Izzy said it would "be wrong" to suggest that Bartise is her "perfect match" outside of the villa.

Bartise agreed to this, despite still expressing interest in getting to know Izzy further. However, PEOPLE can confirm they are no longer together.

Lauren "LC" Chamblin and Nick Uhlenhuth

LC was a late entry into the competition while Nick, 29, was an OG that returned down the road after failing to find a match earlier on. By the time these two connected, they didn't have a lot of time to bond before the finale rolled around. And while they both felt "comfortable" in the situation, Nick admitted he was concerned about dating long-distance at this juncture.

"It's just, like, an extra roadblock on top of not really having much time to get to know each other yet," he said, adding that "he got to know the person" better prior to entering his last long-distance relationship.

Perfect Match. (L to R) Nick Uhlenhuth, Lauren “LC” Chamblin in episode 11 of Perfect Match.
Courtesy of Netflix

"I do think that there is potential there," he said. "But right now, I can't say that you're my perfect match."

In the latter part of the finale, LC switched her sentiment, agreeing with Nick that it'd be "kind of insane" for them to believe they're a perfect match after just now getting to know each other.

PEOPLE can confirm they are no longer together.

Other Contestant Updates

PEOPLE can confirm that no couples that matched on the series at any point are together at this time.

Dishing on her own ups and downs throughout the competition, Francesca — who matched with Dom, Damian, 31, and Abbey, 27 — exclusively told PEOPLE she wished she tried harder to make her connection with Dom work.

Perfect Match. (L to R) Georgia Hassarati, Chloe Veitch, Dom Gabriel, Diamond Jack, Mitchell Eason, Damian Powers, Ines Tazi, Abbey Humphreys, Francesca Farago, Kariselle Snow, Joey Sasso, Will Richardson in episode 08 of Perfect Match.
The cast of Perfect Match. Courtesy of Netflix

"I do regret the way that I ended things with Dom. I think I would've loved to give it more of a shot and see how it could have gone," she said. "But at the end of the day, every decision I made led me to where I am now. So I'm happy and I don't regret anything."

Francesca is now in a relationship with actor Jesse Sullivan, who did not appear on the Netflix show.

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Season 1 of The Perfect Match is now available to stream in full on Netflix.

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