Everything Sucks! beings streaming Feb. 16 on Netflix


It’s a period-set Netflix original about a group of nerdy boys in A/V club, but no, it’s not Stranger Things — although there is a boy named Lucas (well, Luke), and he does have a crush on a tomboyish girl with long straight hair.

Everything Sucks! — created by Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date) — is set in the ’90s, takes place in Boring, Oregon, and the shenanigans are more of the “parent-teacher meeting” variety than “other-worldly shadow demon.” The real monster here is hormones.

Peyton Kennedy stars as Kate Messner, the principal’s daughter who begins dating freshman Luke (Jahi Winston) as she comes to term with her own sexuality. Come for the references to Alanis Morissette and Zima, stay for the jokes about drama club kids and a pitch-perfect representation about the awkwardness of high school.

Everything Sucks! beings streaming Feb. 16 on Netflix. Check out the exclusive trailer above.

This article originally appeared on Ew.com