Their grids are just as blinged out as you'd imagine

By Diane J. Cho
January 25, 2021 03:13 PM
Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li and Kevin Kreider. in episode 3 “What's in Anna's Shower?” of Bling Empire: Season 1
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Can't get enough of Netflix's Bling Empire? Since the reality show's premiere on Jan. 15, the glitzy group of rich friends has reached a whole new fan base that's dying to know if Kelly and Drew are still together, if Anna's lifestyle puts Christine's to shame and whatever happened to that penis pump.

Stop doom strolling and fall down this fabulous rabbit hole of the lives of Kevin, Kane, Kelly, Christine and the rest of the Bling Empire crew.

Kevin Taejin Kreider

Head to Kevin's IG, where you'll find dating tips (How to Date an Asian Guy), workout inspo and plenty of shirtless thirst traps. Beyond the light-hearted educational clips and washboard abs, Kevin is a vocal advocate for the Asian-American community and Korean adoptees, who may be seeing representation on reality television for the very first time.

Kane Lim

Kane's social media presence is all about incredible travel moments, high fashion shopping trips and tight-knit friends. You also get to see him flexing his business muscles with clips of his real estate properties and charity work.

Anna Shay

The show's most enigmatic cast member has photos that only date back to 2018, but she's been a little more active since the start of the show. Follow the fiercely fabulous star to get a better look into her glamorous life and her trips to Paris to visit bestie Florent Bonadei.

Christine Alexandra Chiu

The queen of Beverly Hills has earned her title — and her Instagram is proof. The mom to little prince Baby G is all about high jewelry, private jets and glam shoots with her baby boy, which will come in handy when she needs to send out those preschool applications.

Kelly Mi Li

Fans can find more of the fun-loving Kelly Kevin had a crush on through her IG. Her grid is packed with positive quotes, inspiring captions and pics with on- and off-again boyfriend Andrew Gray.

Andrew Gray

Although the show shared a tough time in Andrew's life, diving deep into his tumultuous relationship with Kelly, Andrew is a lot more goofy and upbeat on social media. Whether it's a spontaneous dance break or showing off acting and modeling jobs he's landed, get to see a way different side of Drew on his IG.

Kim Lee

Superstar DJ Kim Lee is no stranger to the spotlight. Expect a lot of sizzling shots, magazine spreads and stunning moments from her packed DJ performances as she dominates all over the world.

Guy Tang

Fans didn't get to see too much of Guy Tang's artistic side during season 1; his storyline was taken over by the infamous penis pump controversy, which is pretty hard to top. Get to know the singer, foodie and dog dad through his music videos and foodie clips with puppy Lychee.

Jaime Xie

It's JAIME, not Jamie — get it right. The young fashionista's talent keeps her castmates on their toes when it comes to style and aesthetic. Viewers only got to see a fraction of Jaime's fashion-forward looks on the show, but her grid is stacked with aspirational #OOTD inspo.

Chèrie Chan

Mommy to J'adore and Jevon, Chèrie is all about whimsical glam on her social media. The gorgeous star shares family memories with her late mom and her two kids with lots and lots of designer goods and exquisite food diaries (i.e. gold matcha ice cream and, obviously, caviar).

Jessey Lee

Soon-to-be husband Jessey is all about posting fiancée Chèrie and his growing family. The star is also a big foodie, posting mouthwatering dishes while feasting in the car (as a safety precaution during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic) and sharing astonishing cuisines that look insanely luxurious and delicious.