The Bravo reality star ripped a cameraman's shirt in the Season 11 finale

By Ashley Boucher
June 25, 2019 12:36 AM

NeNe Leakes says she’s not going anywhere.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said that she will be on Season 12, denying rumors that she was suspended from the reality series.

“I have never been suspended,” Leakes said definitively when asked on the Majic Radio Show if she had been asked by Bravo to sit out the first half of the new season. “And I am on Season 12. Thank you very much.”

Host Vic Jagger asked if she is going to appear on a spinoff of the show, to which Leakes said, “No, that’s not true. If I’ve gotten a spinoff, they haven’t told me yet, and I need them to tell me.”

“I haven’t filmed a thing,” she added, speaking of a potential spinoff. “I read that, too. If I had a spinoff, I’d be happily telling you.”

Representatives for Bravo did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Rumors began to swirl about Leakes being suspended after the dramatic Season 11 finale. In the episode, Leakes ripped off a cameraman’s shirt after he went into her closet during her “Bye Wigs” party.

Leakes expressed that she did not want anyone to enter her closet, but co-stars Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams decided to go in anyway.

“Hell no,” Leakes said after Burruss asked to see the inside. “My closet is not together.”

NeNe Leakes
Majic 102.3

As the cameraman followed Burruss and Williams into the closet, Leakes leapt up and ripped at his shirt, trying to prevent him from going in any further.

Leakes told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live after the episode aired that she did not think she overreacted.

“How are you going to overreact in your own home? If I tell you to visit me and sit right here, you need to sit right here. You don’t have the right to go through my house to open my doors, my closets, my pantries, none of that,” she told Cohen.

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“When you come to my house, you’re not going to disrespect my home,” the Bravo star continued. “They were not in the right. Because you can’t come in someone’s house — First of all, they weren’t even invited upstairs. They just came upstairs on their own.”

In the RHOA reunion episode, Williams said that the cameraman ended up going to the hospital after the altercation.

“[He] got choked up, scratched up, and went to the hospital,” Williams said. “He absolutely had scratches on his back and absolutely got choked up and had his head smashed against the wall. He went to the hospital!”

Andy Cohen, NeNe Leakes
Annette Brown/Bravo

“His tooth got knocked out,” Burruss said, adding that the unnamed cameraman “was holding his hands up” and not fighting back. “He was making sure that every move was on him, from her,” Williams added.

Leakes said on the reunion that she did not know the man went to the hospital.

“I didn’t know nothing about that,” she said. “I don’t know how he would get scratches on his back. I heard about the tooth. I heard his tooth was cracked.”

On the reunion, Leaks admitted that her anger “didn’t give me the right to touch him,” but maintained that no one should have entered her closet.

“I said we were not filming in my closet and no one is to go in my closet. That was a rule set up front,” she said. “I’m not going to beat this thing, okay? You saw me have a breakdown. I don’t have to be sorry for having a breakdown.”