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December 07, 2015 05:30 PM

NeNe Leakes did not enjoy her view from the hot seat on ABC’s daytime talk show.

Speaking with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum gave her take on the visible tension between her and two of The View‘s co-hosts during her appearance Nov. 17.

“Now, Joy [Behar] definitely was throwing a lot of shade, but there was someone else on the panel that threw shade as well,” said Leakes, 47.

She then confirmed Cohen’s guess that Raven-Symoné was looking at her “real nasty-like.”


“They just weren’t kind. They did not have nice manners,” said Leakes, who couldn’t resist one final zinger. “I know all of them are tired. their hairstyles are tired, their makeup is tired, you know, whatever.”

ABC declined to comment on Leakes’ remarks.

Leakes, who is now starring in Chicago on Broadway, seemed to clash with Behar, 73, over everything from her decision to remarry her ex-husband to her departure from RHOA.

Housewives has been very good to me. The platform has been amazing. It’s opened up many doors and opportunities for me,” Leakes said. “As you can see, lots of girls would love to imitate the NeNe Leakes brand –”

“Very modest, isn’t she?” Behar interjected, laughing. “No wonder you’re friends with Donald Trump. Now I get the connection.”

“It’s okay. I don’t have anything against Donald. I like Donald,” Leakes replied. “I think he’s very true to who he is. I didn’t say I was voting for him, honey. I said I liked him.”

Later, Leakes showed the ladies photos of her new mansion, which she told Cohen the producers asked her to bring.

“Why can’t we see your furniture?” Behar asked.

“Because, honey, we have to have security measures,” Leakes said, explaining she didn’t want to share interior shots from after her move-in.

“Oh. But you’re showing the house?” Behar said.

“I showed the outside, and I’m behind many, many gates with security,” Leakes responded.

“How would the furniture … oh, never mind,” Behar said.

Soon after, Raven, 29, asked if Leakes gets “a lot of stalkers.”

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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