By People Staff
November 26, 2008 12:00 AM
John Crooms/Bravo

Bravo’s brave host Andy Cohen corralled all five Atlanta Housewives — NeNe, Kim, Sheree, DeShawn and Lisa — together to discuss the drama that went down on the show’s first season, and the hour resulted in fireworks. Big Papa, Kim’s anonymous millionaire boyfriend, proved to be the most sensitive subject between her and former friend NeNe, when the two almost came to blows after Kim described their relationship as “on again, off again.”

“This show has definitely had an impact on our relationship,” she said, before admitting that the man in question is legally married, but separated from his wife, which she also recently confirmed to PEOPLE.

NeNe took fault with Kim suggesting that Big Papa wasn’t fond of NeNe, even though the two had only met briefly. “Close your legs to married men,” she charged at Kim. “You heard it, you’re the one that’s trouble. You’re the one that’s going around lying on everybody. Lying every chance you get. But you better not lie to me. You made a comment that you would beat my a–. I’d like to see that happen … I’ll see you outside!” (Watch a clip.)

Peacemaker Lisa had to jump into NeNe’s lap to restrain her. But the most energetic of the housewives also admitted that she’s not always such a pacifist. “I’m a little aggressive too,” she said. “I’m diplomatic and I try to conduct business. And if it’s not productive, it’s not worth my time.”

And Lisa proved she could be aggressive later when Kim suggested that Lisa had approached Kim personally about NeNe’s performance in the limo at DeShawn’s birthday.

“Your story really doesn’t add up,” she accused. “You’re a habitual liar. I think you need to take medication … She talks about Sheree like a freakin’ dog. She talked about every last one of us!”

But the typically calm and collected Lisa didn’t stop there. “I feel sorry for you,” she told Kim. “You’re pathetic. You have nothing else going on, you have no talent. Screw you ’cause you’re a liar. I have nothing to say to you. And I’ll flip you over the couch because really I’m the wrong one to mess with for real.”

With all of the drama that’s passed between the housewives this season, they’re not all sure that their friendships will be able to recover. “I’m good on friends,” NeNe announced. But she also had a final bone to pick with Kim: her comment about not wanting to go to DeShawn’s sunset barbecue and eat “chicken” with NeNe, which she called “suspect,” considering they ate lamb and shrimp.

And Kim wasn’t ready to let NeNe off the hook either. “I had a great time with you and there are parts of you I definitely miss for sure,” Kim told NeNe. “Have I forgiven you for the song? I mean, like I said, it’s entertaining. Maybe I blew it out of proportion, but I think part of it was a little disrespectful. But I’m past that.”

And leave it to the honorary sixth housewife and self-proclaimed biggest diva on the show, NeNe’s gay boyfriend Dwight Eubanks, to really put things in perspective. “All this cat fighting is so unnecessary,” he said, sipping mimosas on the couch between Sheree and Kim. “And it’s so unladylike.”

The housewives also took the time to answer some of their viewers’ most burning questions:

Is NeNe an ex-stripper?“Ex stripper? That’s false,” she said. “I’m still stripping. I strip most nights for Gregg. Gregg has no problems with me stripping for him. So I am a stripper. I strip for my husband.”

What’s difference between telling it like it is and talking trash?While NeNe had plenty to say about her fellow housewives throughout the season, she swears she’s not a trash talker. “I don’t talk trash,” she said. “To me, ‘telling it like it is’ is being very real and being very true and very honest, and that’s what I do.”

What is up with Kim’s wig?At first, the wannabe country crooner claimed it was a cancer scare the caused her to lose her flowing locks. “I got very sick and this is not something that I would ever choose to do,” she said. “I lost 25 pounds, my hair was falling out … I wouldn’t choose to walk around with a hairpiece ever.”

But when NeNe called her out, saying she never knew that Kim had been sick, the truth was revealed. “They found I did not have cancer,” she admitted. “I had some other problems. I remember sitting at Chili’s waiting for the test results. And it was terrible and they were, like, you’re healthy this way, but we’ve got some other stuff gong on. I’m just happy to be here.”

Why couldn’t Kim spell cat?Kim claimed her spelling flub was nothing more than a tragic case of human error. “I messed up. Whatever, I’m human,” she said, before finally proving she could spell the word: “c-a-t, gosh!”

How much does DeShawn spend on her household staff?The most charitable of the housewives remained respectfully mum when asked how much it costs to keep her household up and running, but she didn’t have a problem defending her and husband Eric’s extravagant lifestyle. “A lot of have so much to say. Eric and I met freshman year of college,” she explained. “He was not even a star. We had no idea the life that God was gonna have for us. So if I’m blessed to be able to just focus on my kids and community and I don’t have to cook and clean, so what? I just can’t understand why so many make such a big deal out of it.”

What was up with Kim and Sheree showering each other with compliments, each telling the other that she prettier?“It was just ridiculous,” Kim said. “It was overkill.”

What did NeNe think of it? She agreed: “It was ridiculous.” — Chris WillardJohn Crooms/Bravo