Michael Weatherly Reveals Whom He Will Miss Most After His 14-Year-Long Run on 'NCIS'

Weatherly told reporters that he'll "miss the structure that [NCIS] gave my life"

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty

So long, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. You will be missed – more than you might know.

On Tuesday, fans of the hit show NCIS said goodbye to Michael Weatherly and his character Tony DiNozzo.

Prior to his exit, Weatherly spoke with reporters about his departure and weighed in on whom he will missed most.

“I may have a surprise answer. Well, unless you’ve never seen the show in which case you’ll be like, ‘Wow, I had no idea that that would be a surprise answer,’ ” he said. “I think I will on one level miss the schedule, which is an inanimate kind of thing, but I’ll miss the structure that it gave my life.”

“And at the same time I will really revel in the freedom of not having that structure imposed on me, but there is something as you know so nice about not, you know, the greatest obstacle sometimes is no obstacle and so I know I’m going to miss the structure.”

He continued, “But the person that I really am going to miss the most in the most perverse way is Tony DiNozzo,” Weatherly admitted. “See, yes, I told you this answer was not going to be easy because he’s already gone from me a little bit.”

Weatherly then revealed that he felt DiNozzo had started to disappear from him in the last episode and that it was “an extraordinary moment” for him to realize that his character was gone.

“I can go through the call sheet for you but my relationship really was with this guy named Tony DiNozzo,” he added. “I spent a lot of hours with him and we’ll see if I miss him after a while, but I think I will. I liked him. He had a really great puppyish sense of fun and adventure and optimism and yes.”

Said Weatherly, “We’ll see. I guess it takes time to miss someone.”

Before officially signing off gave fans one more goodbye in the form of a hilariously emotional video message on Tuesday.

“I want to say that wherever I go, whatever men’s room or restaurant or airport I find myself in, you’re there, too. You’re with me, sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not appropriate at all,” Weatherly says in the video. “But I always love it because I am the number one fan of NCIS. I know you guys share that, but I just want you to know that I have priority because I got there first. So I don’t want to get competitive about it, and I appreciate that you’re also fans, but I’m the first fan.”

Weatherly will be back on CBS next season for his newly green-lit series Bull.

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