The journalist said her husband, Chris Bro, has not been tested because he does not want to infect anyone else by leaving self-isolation

By Ashley Boucher
April 06, 2020 05:12 PM
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NBC News journalist Kate Snow revealed that her husband, Chris Bro, is sick with symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Snow, 50, shared a video of herself giving her husband lunch on Sunday, explaining that while Bro has not taken a COVID-19 test, he has body aches, a low fever and tightness in his chest — “but not any trouble breathing,” she said.

Snow explains her absence from NBC’s Nightly News on Sunday in the video, sharing that she’ll still be on TV in the coming weeks, but reporting from home as she is now self-isolating with her children in the wake of her husband’s sickness.

“My husband, Chris Bro, is pretty sick,” Snow says. “Has coronavirus based on the symptoms, although, hasn’t gone to get a test because he doesn’t want to potentially infect me or anybody else in the house. He’s in the basement in a guest room with his own bathroom. And I am going to go bring him lunch.”

“So this is what my life is now,” Snow, already wearing gloves, says as she wears a face mask to bring her husband’s tray of food downstairs.

“How are you feeling?” Snow asks Bro through his door.

“A little better,” he answers.

In the video, Snow includes a recording that Bro had previously taken, in which he says that he wouldn’t wish his first night battling the illness upon anyone.

“Hello to everyone outside my four walls,” he says in the recording. “Things are good-ish. I can only judge by how I sleep. First night was just awful. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.”

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But while Snow admits that “it’s a little exhausting right now,” she ends the video on a positive note.

“All right, listen. He is a very strong guy and very healthy,” Snow says, concluding the short clip. “And we’re all just really hoping for the best. But if you could send your positive vibes we’ll take them.”

“My husband @chrisbronext is sick with coronavirus and I am taking are of him,” Snow wrote alongside the video, shared on Instagram Sunday. “My kids and I are healthy. Chris is strong and we’re hopeful he’ll be better soon. Please send good thoughts and prayers our way. Thanks to all of our family and friends for tremendous support these past few days.”

kate snow, Chris bro
Kate Snow
| Credit: Twitter
kate snow, Chris bro
Chris Bro
| Credit: Twitter

On Monday, she shared a quote on the social media platform that read, “you can be afraid and brave at the same time.”

“As a reporter, I always go to a scene, take it all in, ask questions and then put a story together,” she wrote alongside the quote. “Tonight @nbcnightlynews will be a bit different as I’m reporting on my own life. Thank you so much for the kindness you’ve shown. @ChrisBroNext is feeling a bit better this morning and we are so very grateful. XOXO”

As of Monday, there are at least 357,036 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with 10,522 deaths related to the contagious respiratory illness. The epicenter of the health crisis is in New York, which has at least 131,239 confirmed cases and 4,758 deaths as of Monday.

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