'Good Things Can Come from Tragedy': Maddie Discusses the Impact of Her Mother Rayna Jaymes' Death in 'Nashville' Sneak Peek

Nashville airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on CMT

Rayna Jaymes‘ daughters are dealing with the passing of their mother in very different ways.

Two weeks ago, Nashville audiences were shocked with the devastating death of Rayna, the country superstar singer, loving wife and mother of two portrayed by Connie Britton for five seasons on the show.

Come Thursday evening’s all new episode, viewers will see the aftermath of Jaymes’ death and how both of her daughters — Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Daphne (Maisy Stella) — are coping with the loss.

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek, Maddie sits down with Harry Connick Jr. for an interview on his talk show, Harry, after her performance at the CMT Music Awards.

“You know that you’re everywhere this week, right?” Harry says to Maddie. “I’m serious. All over social media. I asked my daughters if they saw it and they were like, ‘Yea, of course we did. Everybody saw it.’ ”

Harry continues: “I had the pleasure of meeting your mom and I was a really big fan of hers and I have to tell ya, I’m looking at your right now and you are the spitting image of her. It’s incredible.”

“Well, thank you. Blue Light Red Light is like my sister’s favorite album,” Maddie responds, and adds with a laugh, “It’s one of mine too.”

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In the wake of her mother’s death and directly following her performance at the awards show, Maddie is catapulted into overnight stardom — which she is still learning to navigate.

“Obviously the circumstances — your loss — this has to be a confusing time for you,” says Harry. “Very difficult time for you. Are you able to kind of enjoy any of it?”

“I’m trying to be open to the idea that the world works in mysterious ways and bad things can come from good intentions and good things can come from tragedy,” Maddie responds, and adds, “Obviously I’m not all like Thanks mom for all the attention I’m getting,” she says with a giggle.

As younger sister Daphne watches the interview from the couch at home, she is clearly upset at her sister’s response and immediately turns off the television when the show goes to commercial break.

“Just leave me alone please,” says Daphne, who abruptly leaves the living room when offered a possible explanation as to why Maddie said what she did.

Nashville airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on CMT.

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