In the year of sheer, Sofia Vergar smoldered and Eric Stonestreet had a frosty secret

By Nancy O'Dell
Updated September 23, 2013 10:30 PM
Credit: Courtesy Nancy O'Dell

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What was hot at the Emmys?

Some moments were truly muy caliente, like Sofia Vergara‘s red-hot dress. Others were a bit more literal. But here ya go, a breakdown of my moments which I call Emmy HOT!

First I must share my laugh-out-loud hot moment that started off my whole Emmy Day … hot, as in sweating! We had my final gown fitting at 7:30 day of the Emmys. I still had some design element inputs for the dress. I could see the seamstress getting nervous as the clock clicked down.

We made our last marks, she went to grab her car keys to drive to her sewing machine, and alas, my little puppy had run off with them. After sheer panic ensued and a scavenger hunt took place at my house, we finally found the keys being used as a teething ring by Buttercup!

Whew, the dress got done in time for the red carpet! And speaking of dresses, how about the hot fashion trends! I get asked all the time, “What is the latest in fashion?” so I’ll tell you exactly what was going on at this year’s Emmys!

Sheer was in! Oh my!

The first gorgeous dress I noticed was that of Julianne Hough‘s. It was a sea-green Jenny Packham gown with a swimsuit-like bodice underneath a sheer skirt. Guess we are all gonna need to take up dancing, ‘cuz the girl has the dancer gams to wear sheer!

Two other striking sheers were the dresses of Leslie Mann and Lena Headey. Both color and non-color are in! Does that make sense? Let me explain. There seemed to be no in between on the red carpet. Think nakedness, rubies and emeralds. Not bad thoughts, right?

Yep, the popular colors were either nude, like Claire Danes‘s knock-it-out-of-the-park dress, or vibrant jewel tones like the dresses of Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Carrie Underwood.

And it is exactly why I chose emerald green as my red carpet color this year! Renew your gym memberships, because body-hugging dresses, like Sofia Vergara had on, are clinging to trend! That’s right … loose fitting garments are not allowed!

The most important thing, though, is to look in the mirror (Trust me, I know firsthand, that’s not so fun sometimes.) Simply, know your figure and choose a dress that puts the attention on your best body parts.

The Emmy weather wasn’t as hot as it was last year, but it was still quite warm. Therefore, I choose Eric Stonestreet’s secret accessory as one of the “hot ” items on the red carpet. To keep cool, he actually wears an ice pack in the back of his pants! Not kidding!

I remembered this little accessory from last year, so I pretty much felt him up to find out if he wore it again. He did! He told me it’s like his signature move, but made sure to add that he does have more than just one move! I think he should have won an Emmy just for that clever accessory!

Jim Parsons’ Secret

And since we are talking secrets, let me share the confessions of Jim Parsons, lead actor in a comedy winner! Gotta love his honesty! He told me he needed to go, as in pee, the whole time during his winner’s speech! That must have been tough.

Also he showed me his cummerbund off-camera … you know those prom things! He needed something to keep his shirt tucked in and that was his “chic” solution. My prediction, he is gonna make them totally cool.

And keeping cool was one thought in my mind when choosing a hairstyle this year. I went with a messy ponytail. Why does even messy take so long to do? Believe it not, practical is the biggest reason whenever I choose a hairstyle. I have to go very long hours so I need a style that stays. Don’t think clean lines or smoothness these days. Whether up or down, texture, movement, roughness, and waves are all in.

Just look at the hairstyles on the red carpet of Kerry Washington, Kaley Cuoco, Zooey Deschanel,and Christina Hendricks. Tell your hair to act irreverent – it is all the rage now! Simply run your fingers through your hair, give it a little spray for texture and separation and show up at the Emmys. You will fit right in!

These days, it is all about looking like you didn’t try. So I didn’t try to stand in my high heels long on the red carpet. What you never see on camera when you watch, is that at some point, my feet are screaming hot with pain, so I take my shoes off and go au naturel! I’m barefoot under that evening gown! Good thing I didn’t choose a slit this year. It made it easy to be barefoot.

Going Natural

And speaking of going natural, that was the makeup trend. Stars without makeup! We always love those articles! There was very little to no color on the eyelids, except on a few like Julianne Hough and Lena Dunham who decided to match their shadow to the color of their dresses.

But there was heavy eyeliner and mascara with the no color look. Maybe that was in honor of the 60’s look of Mad Men! Or maybe we all just wanna date Jon Hamm? To be absolutely clear, it is Jon Hamm women wanna date, not Don Draper!

Here’s a little makeup tip I will share with you after years of having to know the latest tricks. Put a little shine on the high-up back part of your cheeks. You can actually use a little bit of frosted beige eye shadow to do it! That dewy look (kind of a hot, sweaty look – but a pretty sweaty look – is good). It makes for a youthful and natural glow.

And if you wanna talk gals who shine, how about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Who is not obsessed with these two?! Seriously! What a hot comic twosome! And guess what I found out. They may host the Golden Globes together again and believe it or not they were going use the Emmy commercial breaks to decide!

Tina told me they wanted to talk about it in person with each other and had both been too busy to do so. They live on two different sides of the country, so they determined that they would decide in the commercial breaks. So, what is the decision girls? Please tell us!

But truly, one of the warmest moments of all may have been hearing Michael Douglas say, “I’m very hopeful” regarding his getting back together with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. I like them as a couple and asked him about where their current status is. He told me they are just taking a little break, that they are talking and he thinks everything will be fine. So good to hear!

And in one HOT minute, I’m going to bed! Many don’t realize when they watch Entertainment Tonight‘s coverage of the Emmys that I will have been up for 40 straight hours!

I went straight from all the winner interviews, back in to hair and makeup to do a satellite media tour which started at 4:30 a.m., then straight into writing and hosting our show. Hope you enjoy it cuz I’m pooped! And now … the Emmy goes to my pillow!