Can Ryan Holt recover from an incapacitating illness and stay in the challenge?
Credit: Courtesy Discovery Channel

Remember the last time you got really sick? That time that you could do nothing but throw up and curl into a fetal position on your bathroom floor?

It was awful, right?

Now imagine having the same thing happen when you’re out in the wilderness. Naked. With lions hunting you.

That’s what happened to Ryan Holt, a participant on this season’s Naked and Afraid XL. Stuck in the African Badlands, the 31-year-old from Roxbury, Maine, fell ill while out on the 40-day challenge.

It’s unclear whether Holt ate something bad, drank some tainted water, or simply had his body give out. (At this point, does it matter?) He calls for medics and tells them about eating a monitor lizard, which actually makes us feel queasy.

In the exclusive preview video above, it’s unclear whether Holt is pulled from the challenge. What we do know is that Africa has been brutal on the participants. The show started out with 12 survivalists; it’s now down to eight.

Within the first three hours of the season, three contestants came face to face with two large lions, who just stared at them hungrily. That alone was enough to convince one contestant to tap out.

Will Holt be able to survive Naked and Afraid? Or will he be the next to go?

This season of Naked and Afraid XL continues on Sunday (10 p.m. ET) on the Discovery Channel.