'Naked and Afraid' 's Matt Wright Talks About Being Stalked by a Wild Boar — While Nude!

The Naked and Afraid participant talks about hunting naked — and catching the show's first piece of big game

Naked and Afraid XL continues on Sunday night, and by all accounts, it looks brutal. In the preview above, we see another leg injury. Will the third participant leave the show?

At this point, the hunger is beginning to set in. The participants haven’t had a square meal, and their bodies are beginning to shut down. Although the show casts avid hunters on the show, no one has ever gotten a big-game animal to feed themselves — until last week.

Veteran Naked and Afraid participant Matt Wright managed to get a huge pig — and then he had a frightening standoff with a wild boar. He has been sharing his experiences this season. Here he talks about what it’s like to hunt while naked.

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

On the morning of the hunt, I woke with my stomach growling. I needed food, and I needed it immediately.

So, as the sun rose, I set off. The crew stayed behind; I just had a handheld camera with me. I walked for a half hour, and then it hit me: I was truly alone and naked. I could easily get lost. If I got hurt, I’d lay there indefinitely, completely at the mercy of the Amazon. No one would find me. I stood there and contemplated what to do, and then decided to press on.

Suddenly, the jungle went quiet, and I heard the unmistakable sounds of a drove of jungle pigs. They were wallowing in the mud just 100 yards from me. I tried to be as silent as possible.

And then, I stepped on a twig.

When it snapped, the boars started charging in my direction, protecting their territory. They ran right past me. I shot at one of the jungle pigs with my bow and saw that I had hit it. I knew I had gotten dinner — but would I make it home to eat?

A big boar had caught my scent. He came towards me, shaking its head and clacking its 2-inch tusks. (Two-inch tusks are incredibly dangerous, especially when you’re naked.) It was a standoff — and then the worst happened: my bowstring broke. I pulled out the knife that I had tied to my thigh, and I prepared for a fight.

The boar lowered his head and rushed at me. I lunged forward and yelled as loud as I could. The sound startled myself. The boar jumped back, and then ran off. I had won.

I found the pig that I had shot, and before I hoisted it onto my shoulders, I began to cry. I wasn’t just tearing up; I started to weep with joy. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

So I brought the pig back to camp. It was the first ever big game animal taken in the show’s history – but to me, it also meant that we had food. My partner, Russell, and I had as much meat as we wanted, whenever we wanted. It lasted almost a week.

And I promise you: nothing in the world tastes better than bacon, especially when you’re naked in the Amazon.

Naked and Afraid XL airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on Discovery Channel.

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