'Naked and Afraid' 's Matt Wright Is Married – See the Wedding Photos!

The reality star tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony in Colorado

Photo: David E. West

The bride wore cowboy boots and a tailored white dress. The groom also wore clothes.

Naked and Afraid’s Matt Wright tied the knot with Brooke Benham on June 25. The ceremony was held at a secluded pond that reflected the Rocky Mountains. The couple exchanged vows under an archway that they made themselves, using fresh aspen trees and antlers that had been shed by elk last winter.

Wright, 33, had proposed to Benham while he was filming the show in Thailand. Earlier this year, he went with PEOPLE on a Naked and Afraid experience with in Belize.

The entire ceremony was exactly what you’d expect when a Naked and Afraid participant marries a farm girl. Benham and her mother rode in on the back of a palomino horse. Wright rode in on his military motorcycle – and stopped to catch a fish. (He got one with one cast, and then threw it back.)

Wright, who makes custom knives, gave Benham a platinum ring with family diamonds that he had made himself. “I found out later that he tried it on my finger while I slept to make sure it was nothing less than perfect,” Benham tells PEOPLE. (Okay, that’s sort of awesome.) The ring bearer was the couple’s burro, Farnsworth.

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After the couple walked up the aisle, they left the ceremony on horseback.

At the reception, the 120 guests dined on a selection of game meat – elk, venison and shark. After dinner, guests could try their hand using an atlatl, a primitive spear thrower. There was also a horseshoe toss.

“I found a stronger love than I ever knew,” Wright tells PEOPLE. “Guys ask me if it worries me to get married. No. The only thing that worries me is not living my life with Brooke.”

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