Twelve participants will try to last 40 days in the African Badlands

Credit: Courtesy Discovery Channel

Question: What’s harder than spending 21 days naked in the wilderness with a stranger? Answer: Spending 40 days naked in the wilderness with a whole bunch of strangers.

Yes, Naked and Afraid XL returns this summer, and PEOPLE has an exclusive preview.

Twelve former participants will head to the African Badlands, where they’ll build shelters, forage for food and create a new community – and, yes, they’ll be naked.

In the preview, one of the participants nervously mentions that he can hear lions nearby. That seems like the last thing you’d want to deal with when you’re naked.

So who are the brave souls who will participate this season?

They’ve all participated in other adventures with the show. Four contestants participated in Central America. Three others survived in Southeast Asia. One participant braved the Amazon, while another one experienced Croatia.

Three of the participants actually survived in the United States – Tawny Lynn and Ryan Holt in Florida, Steven Lee Hall in Alabama. We’re not ones to criticize, but if you’re going to get naked, you can at least go somewhere exotic. You know, like the African Badlands.

The full cast list has been posted on the show’s website. Who will survive 40 days and who will tap out early?

The next season of Naked and Afraid XL premieres on July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.