The eight-legged creatures are no problem for participant Julio Castano

Credit: Source: Discovery Channel/Vimeo

Have you ever wondered what type of person would do Naked and Afraid?

Seriously, who would voluntarily strip naked and allow themselves to be abandoned in some of the world’s harshest environments for 21 days?

Surprisingly, a diverse array of people have signed up for the show: survival experts, teachers, nurses, military veterans and even stay-at-home parents. Most of them seem normal, more or less – or at least as normal as one can be when being naked in the wilderness.

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On Sunday’s episode of Naked and Afraid, we see someone who might be a bit more, um, unconventional than some of the other participants.

The couple is dropped into a forest in Florida – one that is apparently overrun by spiders. That’s fine by Julio, who happens to be an avid lover of the eight-legged creatures.

“I actually have five tarantulas,” he tells his partner, Tawny. “I have little aquariums.”

Tawny goes into full-fledged arachnophobia mode. “It sounds like he picks them up and plays with them,” she says incredulously in a confessional. “What kind of whack job owns tarantulas?”

Julio may not be afraid of spiders, but he does have one fear. “Chihuahuas,” he says. “I’m afraid of small dogs, for real.”

“Everybody has their own fears,” he explains. “They really can’t do much about that.”

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays (10 p.m. EST) on the Discovery Channel.