Relentless Rain and Chilling Temperatures Reduce 'Naked and Afraid' Participants to Tears

When the mercury drops to the 40s, all the survivalists can do is cry

Photo: Discovery Channel

It’s evident by now that Naked and Afraid is not for the faint of heart.

From interpersonal drama to bug bites in delicate places, the show is a 21-day exercise in hardship.

But on this Sunday’s episode, an experience in Australia may be the worst yet.

The rain simply won’t stop, which would be torturous even if it were 80 degrees out. But it’s not a warm day – and participants Nicklaus and Laura have to huddle together for body heat.

After a day of rain, the participants sit in their leaky shelter and feel the temperatures dropping. By 5:37 p.m., it’s 59 degrees. Because everything is wet, the couple can’t even build a fire to keep warm.

The participants’ reaction: to burst into tears. (Seriously, it’s shocking that sobbing doesn’t happen more on this show.)

By 10:48 p.m., the temperatures have dropped to 48 degrees – which, incidentally, is near the cutoff point of when Naked and Afraid producers would need to intervene.

“What a fricking nightmare Australia has become,” Laura says. “Horrible. All I can say is horrible.”

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Naked and Afraid XL Returns

But Nicklaus and Laura’s suffering isn’t all that Naked and Afraid viewers will see this week.

For the next four weeks, the show will release the identities of the participants of next season’s Naked and Afraid XL, in which 12 of the show’s best survivalists will try to survive in the South African bush.

Each week, three participants will be identified. We’ve included the above photo as a helpful hint; fans of the show might be able to guess some of the participants by looking at their bodies.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on the Discovery Channel.

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