After an ill-advised water purification method, a participant finds herself feeling very sick

By Steve Helling
Updated June 05, 2016 02:40 PM
Credit: Discovery Channel

Here’s the thing about Naked and Afraid: the show is really, really hard.

There are bugs. There’s horrible weather. And if you’re really unlucky, there are huge spiders.

And there’s something else that goes almost unnoticed on the show. Not only are the contestants naked, but they’re barefoot. In the jungle. It’s seriously the worst part of the entire experience. (PEOPLE reporter Steve Helling experienced Naked and Afraid last February, and his feet are still jacked up.)

Now imagine dealing with all of it – the bugs, the weather, the nudity – when you’re about to throw up.

That’s what happens in Namibia on this week’s episode, when gym instructor Holly Simmons decides to use a water lily to drink from the lake. (She insists that the stalk will purify the water. Her partner, Don Nguyen, isn’t convinced.)

Sure enough, the water – which seems to have hippos bathing in it – makes Simmons sick. She sits by the fire trying to keep from throwing up. (Spoiler alert: she’s unsuccessful.)

Will Simmons make it the full 21 days before tapping out? And will they ever get a decent shelter? Either way, it’ll be fascinating to find out.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on the Discovery Channel.